‘RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles’ at Wolf Trap by Erica Laxson

Raised on a steady diet of The Beatles, I’d like to think I know can truly appreciate their genius, and RAIN has taken The Beatles experience to a whole new level. RAIN -A Tribute To The Beatles are not Beatle impersonators; they are The Beatles reborn. Any Beatles cover band can play their way to applause, but only RAIN’s one of a kind, multimedia tribute performance can draw hundreds of die hard beatles fans to their feet to cheer and scream like they did over 40 years ago.

The cast of RAIN -A Tribute to the Beatles. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

From moment one it is clear this isn’t going to be a traditional show. Don’t picture four grown men playing dress up or expect just a nostalgic trip to the 60’s. See four artists creating the illusion that the greatest band that ever lived is alive and well. Not only does RAIN explore The Beatles’ transition from boy band to legend, they recreate the era with psychedelic lights, stunning graphic visuals, and history captured on film.

Joey Curatolo has perfected his impersonation Paul McCartney with a lifetime of study and his dedication is unwavering. Each and every tick, smile, and chortle are Paul’s. Curatolo performs all of McCartney’s classics and with just a little suspension of disbelief, it was as if Paul is right there on stage. Anybody who left before the the encore to the encore missed out on ‘Hey Jude’ as the band and entire audience joined together in song.

Steve Landes physically and vocally captures John Lennon’s transformation as a singer over the years. His performance of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ magically lulled the crowd into a joyful mood and Landes earned several standing ovations for his songs. As Lennon’s appearance evolved, so did Landes and we were privileged enough to see how the boy turned into the man we all love and know.

Joe Bithorn delivers George Harrison’s mastery of the guitar and completely assumes his role with grace and unbelievable skill. Bithorn leads the beginning of their cultural exploration and solo’s brought the audience to their feet.

Ralph Castelli brought every ounce of Ringo Starr’s drumming ability and humor to the stage. From his happy go lucky attitude to the spiritual drummer persona, Castelli captures everything that makes Ringo Starr a star. Even his comical sideways smile ignited the audience into fervent cheers.

Though The Beatles were a 4-member band, Chris Smallwood (Keyboard/Percussion) has been added to the stage to complete the illusion of the ultimate Beatles experience. Smallwood has mastered the art of being unintrusive on stage, yet adding the perfect effects to each psychedelic number.

Joey Curatolo and Steve Landes. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles is the ultimate time traveling experience. With the inclusion of mind altering multimedia and stage effects, even the newest Beatles fan will feel like a life long lover by the time they leave. The songs they play will ignite a spark in your heart inspired by the history and the art of RAIN’s heart pounding performance.

Five stars for sharing The Beatles life with so many old and new fans of the music. Each and every song is like a warm memory coming back to life in your heart.

RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles is playing tonight June 23, 2012 at 8pm at 1at Wolf Trap -1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia. Ticket are available online or call  (703) 255-1868.



  1. Great review for a wonderful show. It was such fun to share the experience with a 12-year-old friend who is a big Beatles fan. Their music is timeless and never fails to lift me up. See Rain if you get the chance!


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