Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: “The Every Fringe Show You Want to See in One Fringe” by by Mario Baldessari and Ethan Slater

Left to right: Liz Dutton, Joshua Dick, and Mario Baldessari. Photo by Sandy Kavalier of Kavalier Photography.

It’s a fast-paced, funny love letter to the Fringe itself!

It’s the most fun you can have in an abandoned building this summer!

It’s the longest show title in the world!

It’s The Every Fringe Show You Want To See in One Fringe Show Fringe Show – brought to life by the Just Barely a Theater Company Theater Company.

Here was the question that originated the show idea:  Was it possible to do a show at the Fringe where we could actually make money?

We concluded that, in order to do that: We’d have to have a small cast and crew. The show had to work a space that was likely to be hot as Hades in the middle of summer. It had to be simple to stage. It had to appeal to regular Fringe goers and first timers as well.  It had to be funny.  (We figured if we were going to climb Fringe Mountain, we might as well have fun!)  And it had to at least make us our investment back – or, even better, turn a profit, so we could pay ourselves.

How to do all that? Write a love letter to the Fringe! Spoof the Fringe experience itself!

The ingredients label for this hot, hot, hot (that’s “hot,” temperature-wise) spoof warns that it contains all of the following:  Stream-of-consciousness storytelling … gratuitous partial nudity … screaming … exposure to gay stuff … excessive profanity … simulated oral and anal sex … white people … zero air-conditioning and … chickens.   Really, really profane chickens, as it turns out.  (Don’t bring the kids!)

There are only five chances to see our actors strip down to their underwear for no apparent reason:

Venue: The abandoned building our troupe will be performing is The Bedroom – 612 L Street, NW

Click below to purchase tickets.

Tickets are also on sale on our Fringe showpage.

Our company is an informal and somewhat disorganized collaboration of local playwrights, directors and actors, who have agreed to team up to self-produce shows where they can think they can make some money and have fun doing it.  (The Fringe will certainly put that mission to the test!)  This is our first – and possibly last – attempt to work together as a team to come up with money to pay for our own food, clothing and shelter.

We hope to see you in the Bedroom this summer in our underwear!

And please! Before you stop reading this article, please, please read the following fine print so the Fringe doesn’t fine us $200: “This production is presented as part of the 7th Annual Capital Fringe Festival – July 12-29, 2012.  A program of the Washington DC nonprofit Capital Fringe.”  (We need that $200 to pay the rent and feed our children!)

More show info at

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