Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino’ by Leah Rudick & Katie Hartman

There is nothing more soul sucking sad and hilariously horrifying than watching a full episode of TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. Orange tinted spray tanned 3 year old baby pageant queens scream and squirm as fake hair is weaved into their skulls all the while their fame starved mothers throw similar child-like tantrums because another girl won a bigger plastic sparkly trophy. It’s petty, it’s pretty and people cannot stop watching. Toddlers and Tiaras just finished it’s 5th(!?!) season and is looking to cast more families if you are interested click here.

But what happens when that hysterical 3 year old grows up? This is the question we asked ourselves when we started writing The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino. What started as a five minute sketch lampooning Toddlers and Tiaras evolved into an hour long comedy following the life of one baby pageant princess into adulthood and beyond, expounding upon our own real fear for these children who will know nothing in their lives but the cheap fame of reality television. Because what does happen when you become a household name as a toddler, famous for wearing a glitzy dress and throwing a mean tantrum? What’s the next step? Go to normal kids school? Become a doctor? Work in a coffee shop? Step down from your tiny baby podium and join the masses with their everyday 9-5 hum-drum lives? Hell no! You get on every reality show you possibly can, milk that already dry well until you burn out or the public gets tired of seeing your face. And when that happens, you still keep at it! Because there’s nowhere to go but down anyhow.

Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick of NYC sketch comedy duo 'Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting' writers and performers of 'The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino.'

This is terrifying, uncharted territory, this new and less-improved child movie star, with a lot of fodder for comedy, but the more we became immersed in creating absurd characters, unthinkable fictional reality shows and implausible plot lines the more we realized that truth is stranger than fiction. A German reality show already exists that is called Sperm Race!? There is actually a school to teach people how to become reality tv stars?! Every brilliant stab we tried to take at reality tv stabbed us right back by already existing. So we just kept getting weirder.

So that’s the show in a nutshell–a rumination of celebrity and the destruction of a person–but funny!

Venue: B103 – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church

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