Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: WIT’s ‘I Confess’ by Rachel Grossman

Washington Improv Theater’s ensemble iMusical: The Improvised Musical! invites you to explore the risks of keeping – or telling – the truth.  Will you dare to divulge?

WIT specializes in longform improv, which emphasizes the development of narrative, theme, and character relationships. Every show is completely unscripted. iMusical is one of WIT’s most popular improv ensembles. iMusical joins the unpredictable playfulness of improvisation with the emotional power of musical theater to create an enchanting and deeply engaging experience. Every show – from characters and scenes, to lyrics and music – is generated instantly by a cast of singer-improvisers and a single accompanist in response to audience suggestion. iMusical shows are wildly entertaining and truly unforgettable.

The cast of 'I Confess.' Photo courtesy of Washington Improv Theatre.

I Confess is a fully improvised musical, created instantly every show, inspired by audience members’ secrets: ones they’ve disclosed and ones they’ve buried deep. I Confess is an exciting departure from iMusical’s standard show structure. Regardless of theme or format, an iMusical show typically opens with director and accompanist Travis Ploeger playfully kibitzing with the audience and collecting the “get” – an idea or two around which the ensemble eventually builds a complete hour-long musical.

These musicals open with three storylines and sets of characters that, over the course of the performance, merge and overlap. I Confess, however, is anything but standard fare; it will open with a song, spontaneously – generated every night to set the mood for this slightly more risqué show. The iMusical ensemble will then use secrets audience members anonymously shared in writing before the performance – secrets they’ve wrestled with keeping quite or broadcasted to the world—to create two independent storylines each following a separate protagonist. One storyline will examine the choice and consequences of revealing a secret; the other will examine the results of choosing to conceal a secret. The storylines will run parallel, complimenting and mirroring one another, but likely never crossing paths.

If you’re looking for a real treat this summer, a show off the beaten path but guaranteed to surprise and delight, look no further than I Confess at Washington Improv Theater.

Source – 1845 14th Street, NW, in Washington, DC.

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