Coming to The Fringe Festival: ‘Sweet Painted Lady’ by Michael R. Burgtorf

Fighting unemployment, a pill addiction, and a failing relationship with his workaholic, art-dealing fiancé, Jack is in a confusing place. It doesn’t help that the gift his fiancé bought him, a life-size portrait of a beautiful “Lady in Blue,” has now come to life. Will Jack be able to find the love he craves, or will he end up lost in the brushstrokes? The lines between reality and surrealism blur in Artists’ Initiative’s 2012 Capital Fringe Festival production, Sweet Painted Lady, a new work by emerging Baltimore playwright Mike Perrie.

Sweet Painted Lady marks Artists’ Initiative‘s second year participating in the Capital Fringe Festival. A collaborative theatre company founded in 2010, Artists’ Initiative aims to harness the power of the Baltimore and DC theatre communities via the region’s common interest in budding talent. Providing emerging theatre production and performance artists with the space and opportunity to create their art, the company strives to develop supportive environments where new minds and veterans come together and create fresh art that is greater than the sum of its parts. Last year’s critically-acclaimed Cap Fringe premiere production The Storehouse, written and directed by recent American University graduate Michael Silver, provided proof of the great art waiting to be made by the newest members of our professional community. With the comedic poignancy of Sweet Painted Lady, Artists’ Initiative looks forward to again showcasing the work of our next generation of artists.

In line with the company mission, the production staff and cast of Sweet Painted Lady are comprised of early career talents and area veterans. Lead by Director Lacy Reily, the design team features Lighting Designer Cara Antico, dramaturg Lindsey Barr, Costume Designer Brittany Graham, Set Designer George Burgtorf. The cast features Mike Perrie, Emily Vere Nicoll, Maureen O’Rourke, and Anna Fagan.

Artists’ Initiative is lead by Artistic Director Michael R. Burgtorf, Managing Director Tricia Fegley, and Production Manager Heather Mork.

Artists’ Initiative is currently running an online fundraising campaign via Kickstarter for the production. Proceeds for the campaign will go towards furthering the work of these artists!

Venue: Mountain – at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church – 900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC.

Production Dates: Click on the following performances to purchase tickets, or buy them online.


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