Capital Fringe Review: R.U.X. (Rockwell’s Universal SeXbots) by Ally Jenkins

Originally produced as a serial play as part of the 2011 Hope Operas, an annual charity event, R.U.X. has remounted for this year’s Fringe Festival. Taking place in the “not so distant future” in a lab of Rockwell Industrial Carebots, the story unfolds quickly. Louis Rockwell, Junior (the excellent John Tweel) has taken over the company as his father, the founder, lies in a coma. Junior wants to enhance his father’s business from a line of robots who serve as nurturers to a line of robots who help in the more carnal sense.

Adam R. Adkins (Gary), and Amy Kellett (Gal). Photo by Jason Horowitz.

He hires renowned scientist Callie Veru (Aubri O’Connor) who reluctantly agrees to join the team after meeting hardware specialist Gary Stator (Adam R. Adkins) and his robot, Gal, (Amy Kellett) who is the only robot who can self-program herself.  With the creation of the sexbot prototypes which include the female X-1 (Amie Cazel) and male X-2 (Ben Gibson) the group sets out to make sexbots both legal and appealing, a journey that has some serious moral obstacles.

Rounding out the stellar cast are Jim Epstein (who gives good slime as both a Senator and the senior Rockwell) and Momo Nakamura who steals every scene she is in as the Happy Hoshi sexbot.  You have to see it to believe it!

I was happy to see that the transition to a full play has only enhanced both the clever, thoughtful, and timely script from Maurice Martin and the on-point direction from Sun King Davis  My only quibble with this entertaining show was that it was a little long for my Fringe attention span but otherwise you should add R.U.X. to your Fringe ‘Must-Sees’.


To learn more about the show and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.


  1. I went to see this show twice it was hilarious both times and the audience was laughing from the start to the finish. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job that play their parts extremely well. I recommend this show for people over 12 due to several sexual references during the play.


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