Capital Fringe Review: ‘The Webcam Play’ by Grace Kim

The Webcam Play, written by Timothy J. Guillot and directed by Sasha Bratt, is a funny dramedy about online dating. Most of us singletons have tried online dating, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and those experiences may help you identify with the range of emotions and situations portrayed in this story.

Ryan (Steve Isaac) from D.C., “meets” Taylor (Sarah Ferris) from St. Augustine, Florida, on the online dating site, Ok Cupid. What ensues is a series of exchanges over skype, text, and phone calls during the course of their “relationship” as they get to know each other. At times, the conversation is awkward just as exchanges during the first couple of dates for a newly dating couple would be. Other times, the exchanges are witty and charming with sexual undertones.

What we’re witnessing of their online encounters seems to represent what a relationship in real life would look like, including the emotional attachment, budding love, eventual fights and even break-up. But at the heart of The Webcam Play, the question is how “real” can a virtual relationship be? Can Ryan and Taylor’s situation even be considered dating? Can there be an exclusive relationship when the relationship only exists online–does that concept even make sense? Will they get together in real life? How does each person think and feel about the online situation? To find the answers to these questions and discover the outcome of their online meeting, you’ll just have to go see The Webcam Play for yourself.

The Webcam Play is very well acted with realistic graphics (Lauren Reynolds) and webcam clips (Timothy J. Guillot) that make you feel like you’re a fly-on-the-wall witnessing the online encounter.


For more information about the show and to purchase tickets click here.


  1. While Ms. Kim’s review is an apt summation of the action of The Webcam Play, she failed to provide readers with a well-thought-out critique of the performance. This review is nothing more than an elongated blurb that one might find on Junesong Arts’ website. As someone who frequents many Fringe plays a year, I understand that reviewing so many shows in a short amount of time can be taxing. However, please don’t rely solely on the 5 star system to convey how you felt about a play. If you’re going to title your piece “Capital Fringe Review,” make sure what follows is a thoughtful evaluation rather than a vague summary.

    • Kate, thanks for your comment. Here’s my stance regarding my reviews and writing. I consider myself an advocate, a lover and promoter of artists and performers of all kinds because I respect them and appreciate what they bring to the world. I am not a critic, here to critique the performances that I see in some kind of pretentious manner as if I could do better than them.

      Being an actor, singer, dancer, performer, artist of any kind takes a lot of hard work, courage, skill and determination and I acknowledge this and embrace their efforts.

      This is why you’ll never get from me, pretentious disquisitions (yea, exactly) full of fluffy words that sound snobby and condescending, hateful and mean-spirited, ridiculous dissections that don’t say anything and only sound like a rant, and anything else disparaging.

      I just try to tell you what I think, in plain English, with a touch of wit and perhaps a pinch of humor. These things are so subjective anyway and we all know what opinions are like…

      Thx for letting me share my thoughts. And many thanks for your support.

      BTW, I would hardly call attending a lot of Fringe shows, “taxing.” I’m actually enjoying my first Capital Fringe experience and having a blast writing about them.

  2. Hi Ms. Kate a bit harsh don’t-cha think! I will say it’s folk like you that deter down to earth people like me from venturing out by watching plays that normally I’d over look. While it seems clear you need a GPS to help you navigate what to see, and when to see it; I on the other hand prefer the subtleness of a “5 star system” plus a hint of what to expect versus having some over opinionated critic ram their often times extreme exaggeration of their experience down my throat. It’s only the nudge needed to get me into the seat I can determine my own experience, based on just that MY EXPERIENCE. Thanks for that review Grace Kim you’ve stimulated my interest! Keep up the good reviews, nice to have a fresh approach!


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