Capital Fringe Review: ‘A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup’ by Doug Poms

Who is Miss Hiccup you might be wondering? She is a come-to-life doll-like clown that is played by a very talented woman from Japan named Yanomi. And yes, Yanomi does suffer from a bad case of the hiccups. Her stint with this year’s Capital Fringe Festival represents her Washington DC debut. Yanomi dances around like a doll in a music box while she mimes her daily routine for the audience from brushing her teeth to relieving herself to taking a shower to playing the piano. Yanomi is dressed in a bright yellow dress strewn with flowers, glasses and red shoes, and looks so sunny that you can’t help but to smile when you look at her.

The stage is filled with just a few props such as a suitcase, chair phone and toilet paper, all of which Yanomi cleverly uses to comic effect  Her wordless miming is accompanied flawlessly by amusing sound effects and orchestral music recordings. Yanomi periodically engages with the audience and throws in a few surprises along the way, including an amusing sequence involving an eye.

Although I am not regularly a fan of clowns and mimes, I found Yanomi to be delightful to watch. Run on over and catch Yanomi in one of her remaining performances while you can.


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.



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