Capital Fringe Review: ‘LapBand Texas’ by Julia L. Exline

LaGoDi presents Lapband Texas, a production that packs a lot of laughs before taking an awkward turn.

In a clever, Hairspray-style casting choice, Michael Brassfield commands the stage as Mamma, an extremely overweight woman who showers her concerned daughters Laura Westman (Karen) and Maggie Dempsey (Cassie) with denial and stubbornness concerning her weight (and, okay, everything else). Westman is great as the anxious, perfectionist daughter visiting for Thanksgiving, and Dempsey is riotous as her facebook-obsessed sister. Humorous, relatable, and emotional, this family’s journey to health is an exciting experience to witness.

However, I wish it ended there. A felony-sized plot twist that has little to do with the core plot rattles this otherwise sparkling piece. And yet, as weird and out-of-place it is, the actors ride out the weird interruption with exceptional acting. This one is worth a looksie.


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.


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