Molotov Theatre Group is looking for ‘S-C-R-E-A-M-E-R-S!!’ by Alex Zavistovich

MOLOTOV IS LOOKING FOR S—C—R—E—M—E—R—S!!!! Molotov’s iPhone and Android “iScream” Smartphone App is Being Updated. Be One of 20 New Screamers!

Paul Ward creator of 'The Screamers.'

Halloween is just around the corner, and Molotov Theatre Group is calling for new funny or scary recorded screams to update its smartphone “iScream” Application.

If you’d like your scream to be considered, now’s your chance. Before August 20, 2012, submit a .WAV file of your scream (not longer than 10 seconds), along with a funny or weird title, to Molotov Theatre Group’s Alex Zavistovich at [email protected].

The 20 best screams (as determined entirely subjectively by Molotov Theatre Group) will be included in the update.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and there are no royalties, residuals or compensation of any kind. Screams may or may not be titled by the name of the screamer. But you can say you are a screamer for Molotov, which is a thing in itself. The Molotov iScream application is the only smartphone application available from any DC theatre company.

Modeled after the popular iFart application, the iScream has a wide range of screams from local DC actors. Users can email screams to their friends, set a the phone to scream if someone picks it up or moves it, and set a “time bomb” scream to scream when someone least expects it. The Molotov Theatre Group’ iScream application is available from the iPhone and Android stores.

Founded in 2007, Molotov Theatre Group is dedicated to preserving and exploring the aesthetic of the Grand Guignol, or French Theater of Horror.  The company will strive to accomplish this in two ways:

-To produce English translations of original Grand Guignol scripts to preserve and draw attention to this important, and essentially forgotten genre; and

-To apply ideals from the Grand Guignol to contemporary and classic works. Molotov Theater Group will pursue these goals following the Grand Guignol model of employing a resident company of artists and working towards building a true rotating repertoire of plays.  To our knowledge, no other company in the world is working to maintain this genre in such a traditional way.

Molotov Theatre Group is a not-for-profit professional theatre under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code –really!


Here is Paul Ward’s ‘The Screamers collection.

To help you rehearse for your scream – let me lend you a hand -and watch this scene from Molotov’s Mondo Andronicus. This will make you scream!


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