‘Baby Bear’s Birthday’ at The Puppet Co. by Julia L. Exline

On Saturday, September 1, 2012, Baby Bear’s Birthday was presented at The Puppet Company through their highly popular program, Tiny Tots @ 10:00.

Tiny Tots is specifically designed for children 0-4 years old, with considerations such as shorter shows and avoidance of any loud, sudden noises, among others. The friendly, accommodating atmosphere and highly enjoyable (not to mention affordable!) entertainment make for a great outing for you and your little one!

Bongo and his balance beam entertains at ‘Baby Bear’s Birthday.’ Photo by Judy Brown.

Standing before a velvet-draped booth, entertainer and puppeteer Bob Brown used a variety of stuffed bear marionettes, the first being a tiny orange teddy with a diaper that he good-naturedly referred to as “squirt.” This was Baby Bear, and his friends had all gathered to perform tricks for his birthday. A whole host of bears followed, ranging from all sizes, colors, and outfits as they took turns showcasing their talents. One bear flew a trapeze, another juggled rings, and one even blew up a balloon, with some cleverly hidden help by Brown.

Excited shrieks from the audience followed each new bear’s arrival, the most popular being a bear dressed in glittery pink tulle, and another that danced around the stage in a fruit hat. Brown masterfully manipulated the bear’s strings to not only have them perform their impressive tricks, but also to give them unique characteristics, such as shyness or excitement, making each bear distinctive and relatable.

Finally, Brown presents Baby Bear with a birthday present…one that enables Baby Bear to perform a trick all his own! Maintaining the attention of a room full of toddlers cannot be an easy task, but Brown did just that, and the children all loved the show, as well as the adults (myself included). Afterwards, the toddlers were able to take pictures with their favorite puppets, and parents and children got a chance to mingle and make new friends.

Tiny Tots @ 10:00 is a wonderful and affordable way to introduce your child to live entertainment, as well as build friendships with other families! You can never go wrong with a trip to The Puppet Company!

Running time is 30 minutes.

Baby Bear’s Birthday was performed on Saturday, September 1st at The Puppet Company – 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD. Please view the schedule for future shows here. For tickets, call (301) 634-5830, or order them online.


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