‘The Solar System’ at Pointless Theatre by Grace Kim

Pointless Theatre’s production of The Solar System Show is charming, witty and fun!  What is there not to love about a puppet show, especially when it’s a puppet show performed by professional theatre actors using their talents to educate our children. Over the course of thirty minutes, privy audiences learn about our solar system and some important science facts with the help of a delightful set filled with whimsical props created by Set Designer Matt Reckeweg.

The cast of ‘The Solar System.’ Photo courtesy of Pointless Theatre.

On this mission to find Rocky’s home, you have Dr. Canterbury Osmand (Frank Cervarich), Sparko (Matt Reckeweg) and Space Cadet (Scott Whalen) taking you on a journey through space. Thoughtfully executed to keep young ones (or adults with ADD) interested and engaged, this talented crew gets the message across by wisely using repetition, rhyme, and short and speedy segments. Though the pace is fast, kids will walk away learning something about the solar system when they see this show.

When I asked my 8-year old for his favorite part of the show, he said he liked how the planets were described the best. I wasn’t surprised by his answer considering I thought the explanations of each planet as the Doctor and Sparko traveled to them were executed quite well visually and verbally. The current run at the National Air and Space Museum has ended but when they’re able to get on the museum’s schedule again, don’t miss the chance to see an enjoyable and educational production about the solar system.

The cast of ‘The Solar System.’ Photo courtesy of Pointless Theatre.

The Solar System Show, created by Frank Cervarich and Matt Reckeweg and collaboratively directed by members of the theatre company, has performed at the National Air and Space Museum, the National Theatre and Malcolm X Elementary school.

For more information about upcoming shows and productions, please visit their website.


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