‘Fido’s Friends Unleashed’ for Beltway Barks! on 6/8: Part 2: Evan Casey, Sherri L. Edelen, and Bobby Smith

DC Actors for Animals presents: BELTWAY BARKS
Where DC actors help DC animals find forever homes!

Lisa Baker Carrier with Michael J. Bobbitt and Bobby Smith and friends.
Lisa Carrier Baker with emcees Michael J. Bobbitt and Bobby Smith and the Animal Ambassadors. Photo by Virgil Ocampo Photography.

Lisa Carrier Baker, Founder, Beltway Barks DC Actors for Animals:

Lisa Carrier Baker.
Lisa Carrier Baker.

As I have grown into the DC theatre scene, I have been amazed by the amount of actors I’ve met who tirelessly volunteer, foster, transport, rescue and adopt animals in need. Being inspired by the work of Broadway Barks, it seemed a natural culmination of my two lives: theatre and rescue. When I approached Broadway Cares, Equity Fights Aids Producer Scott Stevens, I wasn’t sure what kind of a reaction he would have. I basically wanted to follow their format, helping the animals in our DC community. He said – go for it!  He was so supportive and gave me great advice and direction. This animal adoption event will represent 2 local major animal shelters and 4 thriving animal rescues in our DC metro area! Over 30 theatre companies are represented, as well as every university performing arts department in Washington! To say that we are excited about the possibilities is an understatement!


Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8, 2013 and go to our website for more details.

​Saturday June 8, 2013
10:00 – 2:00 at American University’s Eric Friedheim Quadrangle
“Showtime” is 11:00am – 12:30pm 

 Some of DC’s finest actors will perform and present our stars: the animals!

We hope to see you there!

Evan Casey and Tracy Olivera:

Beesley and Evan Casey.
Beesley and Evan Casey.

Two years ago, my wife Tracy and I made what is easily one of the best decisions of our lives in adopting our Saint Bernard, Beesley, from the Mid-Atlantic Saints Rescue. Our life since has been filled with endless amounts of joy, love, and unconditional friendship, the likes of which only a “furry daughter” could provide. There is truly no companion in life like that of a loving animal, and there is no better way to bring a loving animal into your life than by adopting it. There are so many animals ready, willing, and wanting to be a part of your loving home. I encourage you to make the choice to make their life and your life a better one by adopting a pet today.

Sherri L. Edelen:

Sherri L. Edelen.
Sherri L. Edelen.

I know Beltway Barks is for dogs, but there will be some feline friends there that day too! Because of my life in the theatre and my commute to and from Fredericksburg, it doesn’t behoove my husband and I to have a dog. It’s unfortunate as we have a lot of land for a dog! BUT, on May 27th, Memorial Day, we got 2 kittens! I had two cats since 1991. One died in 2002 and the other died in 2010.  Enough time has past to heal my broken heart. I am excited to see my husband with kittens! He has never had infant animals.

 Bobby Smith:

Bobby Smith.
Bobby Smith.

Few who have lived with dogs would deny that dogs have feelings. George Romanes wrote that “the emotional life of the dog is highly developed–more highly, indeed, than that of any other animal.” (He did not include the human animal, though perhaps he should have done so). Of course dogs have feelings, and we have no trouble acknowledging most of them. Joy, for example. Can anything be as joyous as a dog? Bounding ahead, crashing into the bushes while out on a walk, happy, happy, happy. Dogs give us healing and unconditional love. Simply put they, need us as much as we need them. I have lived with dog companions all of my life and I have learned more about love and patience and respect then in any other facet of my life. I would do almost anything to help a rescue organization because ultimately, a few special dogs have rescued me.


‘Fido’s Friends Unleashed’ for Beltway Barks! on 6/8: Part 1: Lisa Carrier Baker, Michael Bobbitt & Debra Buonaccorsi

Beltway Barks website.


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