2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab’ by Erin Bylander

Hello, and welcome to OK Stupid – the greatest online dating site in the Universe! We’ll help you find your ideal match – perfect in the eyes of Math, who both cherishes and loathes us, his flawed creations.

Okay, maybe OK Stupid doesn’t REALLY exist and Math isn’t REALLY an all-knowing quasi-deity who holds the key to romantic happiness. But then again, maybe you aren’t really reading this, or wearing any pants today. In any case, we’re confident this comedy will have you clamoring to sign up. Or running away. 100% confident.

Colleen Sproull (Lucy Lee) and Chris Andersen (Al Gorithm). Photo by Tim Acuna of Acuna Studios.
Colleen Sproull (Lucy Lee) and Chris Andersen (Al). Photo by Tim Acuna of Acuna Studios.

In OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab, charming but insidious computer program, Al Gorithm (Chris Andersen) lures skeptical Lucy Lee (Colleen Sproull) into the cyber-reality of OK Stupid, a popular dating site that uses the sacred teachings of Math to find your mate. After a few bad matches, Lucy finds her 97% match. But happiness eludes her, and she soon succumbs to the seductive power of Math. Will she find true love – or lose herself in the quest for ‘Mathematic Perfection?’

OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab is the first play by me, Erin Bylander, a D.C.-based writer. It’s also a Fringe Fest debut and a UNIVERSE PREMIERE! I’ve been writing since the wee age of wee-ven (roughly) and it is my true passion. False passions include goat fishing and laser dance. A little known fact about the play: the plot for OK Stupid’s Secret Math Lab came to me – fully formed – on a piece of toast. Which is to say: I read Mindy Kaling’s autobiography and was inspired.

Maria O’Connor, of last year’s prehistoric operetta Stone Age Recreation, directs the play with the skill and tenacity of a skillful and tenacious person. The delightful Andersen and lovely Sproull head up our cast, which includes Ben Church (Larry and Michael), Donta Hensley (Razz and Blake), Morgan Sendek (Wanda), Rebecca Korn (Victoria), and Tice Rust (Matt). After a month of auditions at The Comedy Spot in Ballston (LOVE them), rest assured that this cast is favored in the eyes of Math, who abhors weakness of any kind.

As they begin this last month of rehearsals, the cast is learning more about their characters, themselves and their bodies. Just kidding, that last part sounds horrifying. They have, however, had fun discovering what it really means to Be The Internet. Specific instructions for Being The Internet will be provided at each performance.*

(*They will not).

You can read updates and more at our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. If you Snapchat us creepy pictures of yourself, this conversation is over. Otherwise, come on by. Much like OK Stupid’s somewhat controversial dating game, Lover’s Roulette, this show will be a BLAST. Hope to see you at the Fest!


VENUE: Fort Fringe –The Bedroom – 612 L Street NW, in Washington, DC
Gallery Place/Chinatown or Mt. Vernon Square Metro Stops

July 13th @ 8 pm
July 18th @ 8:15 pm
July 21st @ 10:30 pm
July 26th @ 6 pm
July 28th @ 5:30 pm

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE, or call 866-811-4111.

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