‘Red Bastard’ at Warehouse Theater by Flora Scott

His Mission: To Charm, Disarm, Shock, and Seduce…His Target: YOU. But when I checked out his website, he looked rather menacing to me. I was a bit scared. I was scheduled to review Red Bastard on it’s premiere night in DC, but because sometimes I get depressed and there were tornado warnings – it was the perfect combination to stay home and mope. So, after several emails between my Editor (Joel Markowitz), Red Bastard (Eric Davis) and myself (Flora Scott) about when I would review the show, it happened on Saturday night: I saw HIM.

Eric Davis in 'Red Bastard.'
Eric Davis in ‘Red Bastard.’

The Red Bastard is a grotesque and abusive creature. He finds great delight in making you extremely uncomfortable. Whether it be putting you on the spot, making fun of you or molesting you – he certainly has a wicked sense of humor. And we all loved it for he is the personification of the nasty little monster we all harbor inside. Dressed in a red one piece long-john with an obscenely bulbous, bulging and bloated groin/derriere area, the Red Bastard made a joke of everyone and allowed you to laugh at yourself by laughing at them. It’s empowering to realize you’re not alone in your self-doubt and timidity and suddenly a room full of strangers morphed into a support group. Aren’t we all really as ugly as the Red Bastard to some degree? Why, we all are a farce no different than he. And we were all just tickled pink about it!

Driving home from the show, I realized the Red Bastard had charmed, disarmed, shocked, and seduced me! He even inspired me – the sneaky little devil. That menacing monster had turned out to be a shaman of sorts. I felt liberated and rejuvenated and full of enthusiasm. He was a dose of self-affirmation disguised as a laugh. What he did was to undress us of our defenses with oh-so-much charm where we could see that the nasty little creature he personifies is insecurity! Standing there naked (emotionally at least), he taught us that we were all just as beautiful and deserving underneath it all as he. Thanks Eric Davis!

Eric Davis in 'Red Bastard.'
Eric Davis in ‘Red Bastard.’

Red Bastard was performed on June 13-15, 2013 at Warehouse Theater – 645 New York Ave. NW, in Washington, DC. For more information on Red Bastard and how to catch one of his shows, visit his website.



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