2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘The Chronic Single’s Handbook’ by Randy Ross

The Chronic Single’s Handbook, an original comedy by Randy Ross, is about a never-married hypochondriac who takes a trip around the world looking for the woman of his dreams. It’s a male spin on Eat, Pray, Love. The play features: suspicious massages, curious fingers, gooey blisters, adult language, adult situations, and more adult language. This solo performance is inspired by actual events.

Randy Ross.
Randy Ross.

Writer/performer Randy Ross compared the narrator of The Chronic Single’s Handbook to the main character in a popular cereal commercial: “Do you remember that fussy boy named Mikey who hated everything? Imagine Mikey grown-up, never-married, newly unemployed, and spending all his time pounding away on Match.com as if it were a game of Whac-a-mole.

“One day, Mikey reads some chirpy travel books promising love and romance abroad. The next day, he blows his severance on a four-month, solo trip around the world. That’s the set-up for The Chronic Single’s Handbook.

Randy Ross is a Boston-area writer and performer. His fiction and erotica have appeared in The Drum, Black Heart Magazine, Side B Magazine, and ForTheGirls.com, a feminist porn site. In 2007, he took a four-month trip around the world. He can now say in three languages: “Do you speak English?” “How much is the Pepto-Bismol?” and “Excuse me, is this the evacuation helicopter?” He is writing a novel inspired by the trip with the working title: The Loneliest Planet. His play The Chronic Single’s Handbook is based on the novel.

Early praise for The Chronic Single’s Handbook:

“Hysterical, side-splitting, profound, a tour-de-force of droll insight. One of the year’s best.”
— Randy Ross

“The balance on your credit card is overdue. Please remit immediately.”
— Bank of West Boston

Watch Videos Excerpts from Recent Performances

– Opening scene: “Chronically single? You’ve got lots of company”
Content warning for adults situations, black tongues, sadistic medical professionals.

– “The Day I Was Almost Gay”
Content warning for prescription drug abuse, gooey sunburns, and men kissing on the lips.

sixteen (15)

Gearbox: 1021 7th St NW, 3rd floor, in Washington, DC
Friday, 7/19 at 6:45 PM
SU 7/21 at 9:30 PM
TU 7/23 at 9:30 PM
TH 7/25 at 10:00 PM
SA 7/27 at 2:00 PM



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