2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview ‘H Street Housewives’ by Jenny Splitter

Chickens in the backyard. Flame wars on the mommy listserv. Slutty househusbands and a plot to change H Street forever. H Street Housewives is the story of four housewives – the homeschooling locavore, the know-it-all supermom, the perfectionist who dreams of life in the suburbs, and a “real” New Jersey housewife – picked to star in the latest franchise of television’s hottest reality show.

Jessi Baden-Campbell and Dane Edidi, Photo by Kristy Simmons.
Jessi Baden-Campbell and Dane Edidi, Photo by Kristy Simmons.

This play is a first production for playwright Jenny Splitter. Her last reading was a ten-minute play about a snarky fetus. She’s now progressed to a production about snarky urban housewives.

Our amazing cast includes a professional opera singer and inventor of the word “fuckchopowitz,” an ancient jazz priestess of Mother Africa, a Jeopardy loser and award-winning liar, a Janis Joplin devotee, an actor performing for the first time at Fringe in drag but for the second time as a giant penis, and an actor slash expert in the Real Housewives universe now forced to be our dramaturg.

H Street Housewives brings the heat and hilarity to Fringe this summer. Okay, our Redrum venue brings the heat, but either way, you’ll sweat and laugh your ass off at H Street Housewives at the Capital Fringe Festival. Join us for a round of sweet and boozy Sweaty MILFs after the show! Or just beer, whatever.

H Street Housewives. Photo by Gregg Adams.
H Street Housewives. Photo by Gregg Adams.

All performances are at Fort Fringe’s Redrum Theater -612 L Street NW, in Washington, DC.

July 14th at 5:15 PM
July 19th at 12:15 AM
July 20th at 8:30 PM
July 25 6:15 PM
July 26th at 10 PM

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE, or by calling (866) 811-4111.

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H Street Housewives is presented as a part of the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

Here’s a little promo of the show that H Street Housewives put together on location:


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