A Preview of Flying Muskrat Theatre Company’s ‘Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged’ by Brennan Jones

What’s in a name? Despite the Bard’s enduring wisdom, for The Flying Muskrat Theatre Company, there’s a lot. Let’s be honest for a moment- the reason why you clicked on this article amongst your fringe-review crowded browser probably had something to do with seeing a Flying Muskrat on the left side of your screen, or looking over a name that just didn’t read quite right. You clicked. You’re here. It worked. A company by any other name would not have the same allure- and now, well, you might as well read on.

The cast of ; Photo by Ava Hockenberry.
The cast of ‘Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged’: Zack Goubeaux, Brennan Jones, and  Ernie Ambrose. Photo by Ava Hockenberry.

Right now, in the basement that sometimes houses the nomadic Flying Muskrat Theatre Company, you’ll see a couple of bloody stumps, a single brain, and a ghost or two- or their over dressings at least. Why? The Flying Muskrats are producing the famous (or the infamous) Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged this August 2, 3, 9, and 10 at The James Lee Community Center in Falls Church at 7:30 pm with a 2 pm matinee on the 10th. Get discount tickets here.

The news that we’re doing Complete Works could strike you a few ways. In the spirit of Complete Works, let us engage in some “audience participation,” if you will. Shall we?

4919992_origWe’ve broken down your possible reactions to our performing Complete Works. Print this out! Get out a pen! Fill in the blanks. Here we go:

“I love that show! [Insert name of significant other or friendly animal here], Mark it on the calendar!” To those of you who reacted this way- Keep reading! And see the show!

“I love the show but it’s overdone. It IS one of the most produced shows in the world. [Insert partner or cat], What’s playing at fringe?” You – Keep reading. I promise, we’re different!

“[Insert partner or cat], What is Complete Works? How can they do all of his plays? What’s a muskrat? Where am I?” You- go to our website to find most of that information!

“I hate this show! And [Insert partner or cat], I’m [leaving/getting rid of] [insert partner or cat]. Humph!” You- sort out your personal and pet adoption issues. Get back to us.

Thanks for all your participation. It was fun. The point remains, though if Shakespeare is so overdone, why do it? We asked ourselves, that, too. Then we realized:The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, abridged is a fun, unique, and recently revised piece. It is also very much in our comfort zone as a company. While we’ve received rave reviews for our original drama, our two original farces have also been the subject of much acclaim, even from this institution. I digress- our mission, beyond educating through experience, is to produce engaging theatre that makes a difference. If Complete Works isn’t engaging, and doesn’t make a difference in your day; leaving you beaming when you exit the theatre, then we’re not doing our jobs right.


We do hope you’ll come see Complete Works. Visit here for more info on how to pre-order discount tickets. See you at the show!



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