‘Huey Lewis & The News “Sports” 30th Anniversary Tour with Special Guest: Scott Kurt’ at Wolf Trap by Marlene Hall

Wolf Trap was a soggy, fun, musical summer night with opening act Scott Kurt and main act Huey Lewis and the News.

Scott Kurt. Photo courtesy of Scott's website.
Scott Kurt. Photo courtesy of Scott’s website.

Scott Kurt is a DC area musician who played a 30-minute set. It was just him and his guitar rocking out on the stage. He did a great cover of Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” and his most touching number was “Everything is Alright” about his wife Barbie who he also dedicated. He sang how he knew she was the one for him. Now every woman in the audience wants a song written about her that heartfelt. Kurt made some cute comments about getting the audience to buy his cd because he has 5 mouths to feed, well five cats’ mouths to feed. Kurt called playing at Wolf Trap “a highlight of my career.” No doubt there will be more highlights for Kurt as Huey Lewis said, “I’d like to thank Scott Kurt for opening tonight. Give him a big hand – that kid is going to be huge!”

Huey Lewis and the News. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.
Huey Lewis and the News. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Huey Lewis and the News exploded onto the stage with its stunning set. I loved seeing the brass in the back on an elevated platform, the drummer in the middle on an elevated platform with the two guitars forward stage on either side of Huey Lewis. The bassist, with his dapper suit and fedora, hung back by the drummer sandwiched by the keyboardist. The brass for some reason reminded me of Saturday Night Live and Blues Brothers. I would describe Huey Lewis and the News as a feel good band with a strong bluesy, rock ‘n roll, and new wave streak that is just fun. You just can’t be in a bad mood when listening to them. Also Huey Lewis and the News are strong military veteran supporters and he dedicated the concert to veterans.

Nostalgia drew me in. I couldn’t believe this is the 30th anniversary of the band and its album Sports! Lewis and the band look amazingly fit and young and you could tell they were having a great time. Lewis is now 61, but he looks more 40s. It seems like rock ‘n roll is definitely the heart beat that keeps people young and vibrant. Huey Lewis and the News sounded sharp and they still have it like they did 30 years ago.


The band played the whole album of Sports, which was incredible! Lewis joked about how the first couple of songs were on the one side of the record called the Video Songs and now we would have to flip the record to play the other hits. Too funny. He said Sports was before Youtube, the Internet, the iPhone, etc. He asked the crowd if they remembered using records and most of the crowd raised its hands.

The band also played a new song that Lewis claimed was 30 days young! Lewis said the audience was great, so we got to hear their new song which was quite good.

They closed out the show playing hit pleasers, but sadly “Hip to Be Square” wasn’t played.

Lewis had great banter with the crowd. He asked if the soggy crowd on the lawn was still there and they yelled thunderously (excuse the pun). He also played a mean harmonica. He harmonica playing was especially sharp on the song “Workin’ for a Livin’” where his harmonica sounded like a freight train. He dedicated that song to the “working man.”

Overall a great shows by Scott Kurt and Huey Lewis and the News. Thank you both for rocking out and bringing so much happiness to so many people.

Running Time: Approximately two hours.

Huey Lewis & The News “Sports” 30th Anniversary Tour with Special Guest: Scott Kurt played for one night only on August 13, 2013 at the Filene Center at the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts – 1551 Trap Road, in Vienna, VA. For future events, check out their Calendar of Events.

Huey Lewis website.
Scott Kurt website.

Kurt’s Set List:
Let’s Kill Saturday Night
I Swore I Wouldn’t
Last Call
These Four Wheels
You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)
Everything is Alright (song about Barbie)
Lost in America
I Ain’t Living Long Like This

Huey Lewis and the News’ set list
1. The Heart of Rock & Roll
2. Heart and Soul (Exile cover)
3. Bad is Bad
4. I Want a New Drug
5. Walking on a Thin Line
6. Finally Found a Home
7. If This Is It
8. You Crack Me Up
9. Honky Tonk Blues (Hank Williams Cover)
10. While We’re Younge
11. Trouble in Paradise
12. Some Kind of Wonderful (Soul Brothers Six cover)
13. But It’s Alright (J.J. Jackson cover)
14. We’re Not Here for a Long Time (We’re Here for a Good Time)

1. The Power of Love
2. Do You Believe in Love (Supercharge cover)
3. Workin’ for a Livin’





  1. I believe your caught all of the highlights of the show. I’ve seen Huey several times over the years. They still have it and have actually have improved their sound by adding a horn section. This makes the music “fuller.”

    I appreciated the energy that Huey displayed. I thought the band worked harder than the audience. Huey asked several times for the audience to get up and party. Many looked like they enjoyed the music but they stayed in their seats.

    Great idea that Huey had when he promised to “come over and mow your lawn if you buy his new CD at the show.”

    The highlight song for me was Some Kind of Wonderful.

    The band put energy into all of their songs. It was a terrifically enjoyable show and I’ll see them again for sure!



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