‘Best of Burlesque(er): Down and Dirty Holigay Blues’ at the Black Cat by Lucrezia Blozia

Do the holidays give you the blues? The deep down dirty blues deep down there? Then you should have been at the Best of Burlesque(er)’s Down and Dirty Holigay Blues show on December 6th at the Black Cat! If this didn’t cure you (and at the same time leave you craving more) then it’s time to call the hearse Bub, and you can skip the ambulance. Each performer did a couple of numbers to a blues soundtrack featuring some of blues finest with classic artists like Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor and some more contemporary rock numbers by the Rolling Stones and Black Crows and even a little Bing Crosby thrown in for good (holiday) measure.

bobFirst up was Aurora Wells, who has this great ability to look like she’s really shy while she’s taking her clothes off in front of a room full of people – and don’t Christmas sweaters look better on the floor anyways? Cherie Nuit was a bit more edgy with a Jonestown-inspired number where she not only drank the Kool Aid, but she gave herself a Flashdance bath with it. Glam Gamz clearly worked hard for her money in a couple of numbers that accented how she got her name. Same can be said for Cherie Sweetbottom who looks like a young Rose McGowan if Rose were a classic pinup girl. Dainty Dandridge asked us if we wanted to hear a good old-fashioned Church hymn and then launched into “Shave Me Dry” made (in)famous by Lucille Bogan. I’m not sure what Church she goes to but I might have to convert. The evening was hosted by hilariously imp Dutch Oven and uber-Brit Velvet Kensington who played nicely off each other.

For a taste of what you missed and to find out more about the history of Burlesqueer watch my interview with them in the video by Rob Parrish.

There is some NSFW language towards the end and sexiness throughout.

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