Matt Baughman’s ‘Matt’s Movie Rank Tank’ Debuts on DCMTA by Matt Baughman

Matt Baughman.
Matt Baughman.

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of “Matt’s Movie Rank Tank.”  But first things first, allow myself to introduce…myself (Points to anyone who knows that reference). My name is Matt (duh!) and I’m a fan of everything pop culture. Note, I’m just a fan. Not a critic, not a writer, just someone who enjoys entertainment and likes to share his opinion with anyone who will listen (or in this case, read). Also, I REALLY like to rank things! Be warned, my taste is not of high-brow society. To give you a snap shot, my favorite movie is Back to the Future; favorite TV Show is Friends; I love anything that Jim Carrey is involved in; and my choice of music is that of a tween girl. So, you have been cautioned. Oh, and one more thing. I like pretty much everything, even to the point of insult. My theory? If you’re going to spend time and money, why not try your best to enjoy what you’re watching?

At the end of each month, I will be posting my rankings for the movies that I’ve seen during that time period (both in theaters and DVD). Feel free to agree, disagree, or rank your own lists in the comment section below. And now without further ado:

January 2014 Rankings:

(6) Blue Jasmine – “Eh”, is what I feel about this movie. Granted, I’m not a Woody Allen fan and this is definitely a Woody Allen movie. Cate Blanchett gives a master class in acting though.

(5) Nebraska – Good writing, good acting and good cinematography. I feel that it captured the Midwestern way of life. However, it was a little slow in parts and was typical “Oscar Bait.”

(4) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – Scoff if you will, but Johnny Knoxville gives a very good performance. Yes, it’s a Jackass movie and the comedy comes from the “real” people’s reactions but it wouldn’t be nearly effective if Johnny Knoxville wasn’t natural and in character 100% of the time.

(3) The Spectacular Now – Don’t really know how to categorize this movie. Is it a teen drama? A coming of age story? Comedy? Drama? All of the above? How about, a good movie with solid performances from young actors. Yeah, I’ll go with that one.

(2) Lone Survivor – Next to United 93, this was the most intense movie that I’ve ever seen. The combat sequences were insane, to say the least. The acting was strong all around, especially Ben Foster. Why is he not a bigger star?

(1) Her – Such an original script and concept. Kept me interested the entire time. Joaquin Phoenix deserves his Oscar Nomination and Scarlett Johansson gave an impressive vocal performance. Surprisingly, it was one of the more realistic representations of a relationship that I’ve seen on screen.


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