‘Seussical JR’ at Pumpkin Theatre by Amanda Gunther


Oh the songs you will hear! Oh the sights you will see!
They’re so impressive you’ll just flip your lids!
When you see Pumpkin Theatre’s Seussical JR
A musical for children, performed by kids!
As the first in this series,
As far as kids’ musicals go
This new ‘kids for kids’ production
Is one magical show!

 (back row l to r) Horton the Elephant (Connor Moore) The Cat in the Hat (Allison Mudd) and Mayzie La Bird (Sheridan Merrick) (front row) Gertrude McFuzz (Ruby Kinstle), and Jo Jo (Steven Gross). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.
(back row l to r) Horton the Elephant (Connor Moore) The Cat in the Hat (Allison Mudd) and Mayzie La Bird (Sheridan Merrick) (front row) Gertrude McFuzz (Ruby Kinstle), and Jo Jo (Steven Gross). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.

Directed by Jimi Kinstle and
Mandee Ferrier Roberts doing song
This musical is a great success
Why absolutely nothing went wrong!
With a set full of whimsy painted bright and colorful
Heather M. Mork, the Set Designer, makes life a breeze
Filling the backdrop with Whoville, and sprightly illustrations
Why Miss Mork even included the Truffula trees!
The buildings are bendy, and curvy, and crooked
And the sketches appear straight from every Seuss book
Miss Mork does an exceptional job
So much to see, you must come take a look!

 Gertrude McFuzz (left- Ruby Kinstle) and Mayzie La Bird (right- Sheridan Merrick). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.
Gertrude McFuzz (left-Ruby Kinstle) and Mayzie La Bird (right-Sheridan Merrick). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.

Costume Designer Karen Saar is quite the inventor
With outfits so simple and yet beautiful too
The children become their favorite storybook characters
Many of which look to come straight from a zoo!
There’s fabulous feathers in many a color
For each avian girl, and especially Mayzie La Bird
And the spiffy pressed outfits of yellow for the Whos,
Why Miss Saar’s designs are indeed quite preferred.
And then there’s the dancing, worked in by the Director
Cute and upbeat rhythmic numbers that move
Especially for numbers with those Wickersham Brothers
Well those fine savvy monkeys, they have quite the groove!
It’s all about singing and these children sound great
With their voices quite strong as they sing through the play
It’s a marvel how talented these young actors are
They give such a great show, you’ll jump up and shout ‘hooray!’

There’s the Mayor (Jake Miller) and his wife (Maya Walsh-Little)
Who sing a lovely parenting duet
“How to Raise a Child” is a quirky cute number
But I’m just getting started, so don’t stop me yet!
There’s Jo Jo (Steven Gross) their little Who son
With thinks so big that they cause quite a stir
Mr. Gross’ voice is quite lovely when singing
A commendable effort, I tip my hat to you, sir!
Let’s not forget the poor down beat Gertrude McFuzz (Ruby Kinstle)
A talented actress with a voice tried and true
Miss Kinstle is a sweetheart, singing “All For You” and other songs
With a tail fitted just right, in a shiny bright blue!
The exact opposite of this humble bird is the Amazing Mayzie (Sheridan Merrick)
And I’ll tell you know that this bird can sing
Miss Merrick is belting her title song with a sassy attitude
And when she starts strutting her stuff you will hear her voice ring

Horton the Elephant (Connor Moore) and Jo Jo (Steven Gross). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.
Horton the Elephant (Connor Moore) and Jo Jo (Steven Gross). Photo courtesy of Pumpkin Theatre.

The only one sassier in this whole Seussical show
Is Miss Eva Hellerbach playing Sour Kangaroo
Also belting with vigor in “Biggest Blame Fool”
This marsupial girl will show you a thing or two!
The story it revolves mostly around Horton the Elephant (Connor Moore)
And his planet he rescues on top of a clover
Mr. Moore has a sweet serendipitous voice
That’s also quite powerful, it will blow you right over!
He sings a lot throughout this whole show
Songs like “Alone in the Universe” and other sweet tunes
Mr. Moore is a great singing sensation
So hurry on down and see him real soon!
Let’s not forget our story’s narrator
Miss Allison Mudd our Cat in the Hat!
Singing and dancing and telling the story
Why Miss Mudd, she does all of that!
With a charismatic charm
And fun goofy smile
Miss Mudd takes this show
Straight out in style!

SuesicalSo you see, boys and girls, and children of all ages
There’s fun to be had, fun for you, fun for me!
If you just get yourself out to Pumpkin Theatre
Oh the songs you will hear, oh the things you will see!

Running Time: Approximately 65 minutes, with no intermission.

Seussical JR plays through February 16, 2014 at Har Sinai Congregation—2905 Walnut Avenue, in Owings Mills, Maryland. For tickets, call the box office at (410) 902-1814, or purchase them online.

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Amanda Gunther
Amanda Gunther is an actress, a writer, and loves the theatre. She graduated with her BFA in acting from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and spent two years studying abroad in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales. Her time spent in Sydney taught her a lot about the performing arts, from Improv Comedy to performance art drama done completely in the dark. She loves theatre of all kinds, but loves musicals the best. When she’s not working, if she’s not at the theatre, you can usually find her reading a book, working on ideas for her own books, or just relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds of her Baltimore hometown. She loves to travel, exploring new venues for performing arts and other leisurely activities. Writing for the DCMetroTheaterArts as a Senior Writer gives her a chance to pursue her passion of the theatre and will broaden her horizons in the writer’s field.


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