Tonight at 8:45 & 11 PM: House of Sweetbottom: Blues and Burlesque at The Black Cat

Cherie Sweetbottom.
Cherie Sweetbottom.

“The blues and the jazz are … original, American music. And that’s what the burlesque entertainers used.” – Dixie Evans (1926 – 2013), “The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque”, founder of the Miss Exotic World pageant, and the godmother of the burlesque revival.

Washington, DC burlesque performer and producer Cherie Sweetbottom is proud to present House of Sweetbottom, featuring two sets of live blues from DC bluesman, singer, and songwriter Jonny Grave and two sets of burlesque performances from Valentine Candy Burlesque producer Candy del Rio, Naked Girls Reading DC producer Cherokee Rose, Chocolate Lounge: A Performers of Color Revue producer GiGi Holliday, and Ms. Sweetbottom herself.

Master Brush COLORMs. Sweetbottom pays homage to the roots of burlesque and its undeniable connection to the blues. “Blues and burlesque are a classic combination,” Ms. Sweetbottom says. “You really can’t beat the blues when it comes to finding the right music for a sultry, smoky bump-and-grind burlesque number.” This is the first iteration of what Sweetbottom plans to be a quarterly show.

“The Black Cat backstage is perfect for the mood I want to create—it’s a small, intimate space, where the performers can see the audience and the audience can see the performers seeing them. Outside of that room, anything could be happening. But while people are in the House of Sweetbottom, I want them to feel welcome, relaxed, and most of all, entertained.” Step inside the House of Sweetbottom and leave your troubles at the door. Let yourself be transported by new arrangements of older blues tunes and deeply rooted originals from Jonny Grave and classic burlesque from some of DC’s finest stripteasers Candy del Rio, Cherokee Rose, GiGi Holliday, and Cherie Sweetbottom.

Admission Tickets

Purchase tickets here for the 8:45 PM on March 7th.

Purchase tickets here for the 11:00 PM show on March 7th.

at The Black Cat – 1811 14th St. NW, in Washington, DC

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Lucrezia Blozia
Lucrezia Blozia has been part of the local alternative performance scene since the early ‘90s (she started when she was 6). She was the leading, ahem, lady at notorious pervpunk theatre company Cherry Red where she honed her skills in plays like “Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack” and “Poona the F*ckdog and Other Plays for Children”. She was part of girl group Eva Brontosaurus in both New York and LA where the trio opened for Margaret Cho’s monthly burlesque show, The Sensuous Woman. She’s proud to have originated roles in all five years of Hope Operas and played everything from a flipper derby girl to a were-squirrel to a Pam Greer-type cop/barista. She’s a regular collaborator with Landless and Borealis Theatre Companies and Astro Pop Entertainment. She loves you and is surprisingly easy to work with for someone so simultaneously humble and exquisitely beautiful (oh and talented). You should hire her.


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