An Interview With Luísa Maita on Her Performance at Artisphere Tomorrow 3/28 at 8 PM

The humble and talented musician/singer Luísa Maita has been dubbed the “New Voice of Brazil” by NPR. Her music pulls from the country’s rich heritage of jazz and rhythms. Luisa blends modern electronic influences and pop music into her fusion of traditional Brazilian music.

Luísa Maita.
Luísa Maita.

Luísa Maita performs tomorrow at Artisphere in Arlington, VA. I caught up with her for a brief interview where she discussed her tour,  how playing in the United States is different than playing in Brazil, her music, and what fans can expect at her Artisphere show.

Mike: How is your tour going?

Luísa: Very good! We did two shows yesterday at Lincoln Center in New York. It was very, very good and beautiful.

How is performing in the United States different than playing in Brazil?

In Brazil it is different because you do one or two shows a week. Here you have tours and his is not usual in Brazil. This is very different when you do shows every day. I can do this here and in Europe its very, very live.

The rest of it is the same. Even singing in  a different language it is almost the same. The same sensations. People I think understand what you want to express, who you are. I don’t see a lot of difference, actually.

How would you describe your music?

I don’t know. I think my album Lero-Lero really talks about Brazil. I was very influenced by Brazilian music and I understand why they say this because this album was full of samba, and it talked about nature, love, and things like this. The album expressed how I love Brazil and how Brazilian music influenced me.

Are you performing anything new at the Artisphere concert? 

We are doing two new songs and of course, and we are very excited about them because we never did them before and this is the first time we have performed these songs, and they will be on the new album. We are very excited to be playing them.


When fans come to see your show tomorrow night, what can they expect?

I try to create a good environment in my shows, and it will be a very expressive show – very expressive and exciting. I will talk and sing about Brazil a lot, and sensations that I have there – about nature, about love, and urban life too. I live in Sao Paulo. It will be a Brazilian show mixed with Urban music at the same time. The different rhythms will help to express how I feel.

If you are lucky enough to have bought tickets to tomorrow night’s sold out concert, you will have a great time feeling the sensations, and hearing the beautiful sounds of Brazil delivered by the talented Luísa Maita.
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Luísa Maita and her band performs tomorrow, Saturday March 29, 2014 at the Dome Theatre at Artisphere  1101 Wilson Boulevard, in Arlington, Virginia. The concert is sold out.