Meet The Director and Cast of Kensington Arts Theatre’s ‘Les Misérables’: Part 5: Ethan Miller (Gavroche)

In Part 5 of our series of interviews with the director and cast of Kensington Arts Theatre’s Les Misérables, meet Ethan Miller.

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Joel: Introduce yourself and tell us who you play and where local theatregoers may have seen you perform.

Ethan: My name is Ethan Miller I am 14 years-old and attend Hoover Middle School. I play Gavroche. This past year I was in Gypsy at Signature Theatre (Newsboy) and Beauty and The Beast with BRAVO@KAT (Beast). Other performances with BRAVO@KAT include Fiddler on the Roof (Tevye) and The Music Man (Marcellus) .

Ethan Miller (Tevye) and Goldie (Tobi Baisburd) in Bravo@KAT's 'Fiddler on the Roof.' Photo by Erica Keys Land.
Ethan Miller (Tevye) and Goldie (Tobi Baisburd) in Bravo@KAT’s ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ Photo by Erica Keys Land.

Why did you want to be in this production and play the character you are playing? What do you admire or not admire about your character?

Les Misérables is one of my favorite shows, I am so happy to be playing Gavroche, I like how sneaky he can be. He’s also courageous and tough which I find pretty cool!

What did you perform in your audition and when did you find out that you had the role?

To audition for Gavroche I sent a video of me singing “I, Huckleberry, Me” from Big River which happens to be one of my favorite audition pieces. At the time I was still performing my role in Gypsy which is why I sent in the video. I found out I got the role at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah! I was so excited to become part of Kensington Art Theatre main stage production family. I had a lot to celebrate that night!

Talk about your solo. What does the audience learn about your character when you sing this song?

My big number is my “The Second Attach” or “Death of Gavroche”…As you can guess Gavroche is exhibiting his courage when he dies while trying to get cartridges for the students.

Why do you think Les Misérables is still so popular almost 30 years after opening on Broadway?

Not only is the story of Les Misérables so easy to relate to, and the music and the lyrics make the show extremely easy to relate to. I think audiences of all ages really get into the story and music. I first saw the show when I was 10 and I was hooked. I loved the music so I got the CD and memorized all of the songs.

What character that you are not playing is your favorite and what song that you are not singing is your favorite?

Javert is my favorite character and “Stars” is my favorite song. Javert seems very powerful when he’s singing to the night sky..

What is the best advice Director Darnell Morris and Musical Director Stuart Weich has given you about shaping your performance?

I have worked with Darnell Morris for about 4 years. He has taught me something new with each show that I perform in. In Les Misérables Darnell Morris has taught me to always move with a story behind me. This advice helps me to get into my character and give a high quality performance. Stuart Weich has taught how to act while I am singing. This advice has also helped me to develop my character and work well with the other performers.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing Les Misérables at KAT?

I want the audience to feel the same connection to the story and the characters that I do every time I listen to the music or see the show. This is an amazing show with a very talented cast. I have enjoyed working with all of the performers. I hope the audiences enjoy the show as much as I like performing in it.


Les Misérables plays through May 24, 2014 at Kensington Arts Theatre performed at Kensington Town Hall-3710 Mitchell Street in Kensington, MD. For tickets, call the box office at (206) 888-6642, or purchase them online.

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