Meet the Cast of ‘Ghost The Musical’ at Drama Learning Center Opening This Friday 6/13-Seth Fallon, Claire Cerand, and Josh Altenburg

TYA (Teaching Young Actors) at Drama Learning Center present the area premiere of Ghost the Musical. After getting special permission from Theatrical Rights Worldwide to present this title prior to its release for regional productions, the cast and production team are brimming with excitement over the opportunity to tell the story of this show in a new way.

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Meet the talented teens in the cast!

Claire Seth and Josh. Photo courtesy of
Seth Fallon, Claire Cerand, and Josh Altenburg. Photo courtesy of Drama Learning Center.

Claire Cerand, a recent graduate of Catonsville High, plays Molly Jensen.

Seth Fallon, a rising sophomore at Stevenson University, plays Carl Bruner.

Josh Altenburg, a recent graduate of Marriotts Ridge High, plays Sam Wheat.

What is the most exciting thing about performing in Ghost?

Claire: This is my favorite show and I couldn’t be any more excited to be in this performance playing one of my dream roles. I first became aware of this show when I won a raffle prize at TYA’s cabaret in the summer of 2012, and it contained the cast CD. I immediately fell in love with the music as soon as I turned it on. I never expected to have the opportunity to perform this show with TYA, and we are all so excited.

Seth: Though TYA has presented several area premieres over the years, this is my first time performing in one. Taking such an iconic movie and presenting it in such a different format adds yet another layer of excitement.

Josh: The volume of effects in this show is something that I have never experienced before, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

What is your favorite song or moment in the show?

Claire: I love singing “Suspend my Disbelief” because it’s such a powerful song, especially the ending. It’s a powerful way to end Act 1.

Seth: “Life Turns on a Dime” is my favorite song that I sing, but another of my favorite songs in the show is Molly’s “With You.” The simplicity of the music contrasts with the complexity of the emotion, and allows Molly the room to portray all of her feelings. It’s a beautifully written song and beautifully acted in our production as well!

Josh: I also love “Life Turns on A Dime,” and one moment in particular where Claire, Seth and I are singing in 3-part harmony. That one moment contains so much emotion and subtlety with movement as well. I thoroughly enjoy all of the music in the show so much and love the way it is written with melodies that intertwine and thread together beautifully.

What have you learned during this process?

Claire: I have learned how to use different places in my voice when I sing. I am singing in a way I never thought I could.

Seth: I have learned that it takes A LOT of work behind the scenes to make a show like this come together.

Josh: I have learned that jumping into living people’s bodies is a lot harder than walking through doors. Thanks, Hospital Ghost!

What is it like being a member of TYA?

Claire: TYA has been such a big part of my life throughout all 4 years of high school, and being a member for so long has made my appreciate everything I have learned here so much.

Seth: Being a part of TYA has expanded my acting skills tremendously. I am still not as strong as I would like to be, but I feel like I get better with each show. I also love the ensemble philosophy of TYA-we are all working so closely together and form strong bonds on and off the stage.

Josh: This is my first TYA show, and it really whipped me into shape in terms of putting together show quickly and efficiently. Most rehearsal processes I have been involved with prior to TYA take months of rehearsals every day of the week. At TYA, we are working at a professional pace and I love how our scene work unfolds and how we are encouraged to make our acting choices.

What is your favorite past role, and why?

Claire: One of my favorite past roles was Enid Hoopes from our production of Legally Blonde. She was so different than any character I have ever played and was so much fun. I had a few people come to see me in the show who didn’t realize that I was Enid until curtain call; they didn’t recognize me! Ms. Steph [TYA’s director] said that is one of the biggest compliments an actor can get.

Seth: I recently played William Barfee in our production of Spelling Bee. The character was so comical and outlandish enough that I could have fun playing a broad acting style, but he still has genuinely relatable and honest moments in his story that were a joy to bring to life.

Josh: Sam actually is my favorite role to date, but prior to this point I would have to say Bobby Child in Crazy for You. I loved how the lines helped me be funny. Sometimes lines don’t set you up for success, but the comedy in that show is so well scripted.

What is your favorite past show and why?

Claire: My favorite past show was definitely TYA’s Les Miserables. Performing such an emotional show was difficult but the feeling I got on that stage with such an amazing cast is something I will never forget.

SethLes Mis was my first TYA show and will always be so special to me. Singing such powerful ensemble music, taking on that huge endeavor in a small space and making it work effectively, selling out, and extending our run- it was all theatre magic.

Josh: The Scottish play at Marriotts Ridge was a definite favorite. I was fight captain so I had to learn, practice, and execute every complex fight in the show. Super cool with swords!

Sam and Molly.
Josh (Sam) and Claire (Molly).

What is your most challenging moment in Ghost, The Musical?

Claire: The most difficult thing for me is figuring out how to really show Molly’s devastation. It is the biggest challenge I have yet to face in a show.

Seth: When Carl’s true motives are revealed to the audience it’s a big challenge. I’m essentially playing two characters-Carl’s true self and the façade he puts on. His life is spiraling out of control and he keeps getting himself in deeper. Also, in any of my scenes with Sam after he is dead, I have to completely ignore him standing right in front of me and pretend he’s not there. It’s definitely an acting challenge to “look through” him.

Josh: Portraying how affected someone could be from the deceit of someone so close to them is one of my biggest challenges. That scene with Seth is definitely intense.

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GHOST the Musical
Book and Lyrics by Bruce Joel Rubin
Music & Lyrics by Dave Stewart & Glen Ballard
Presented through special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide

June 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, & 21st at 7:30 pm
June 15th, 21st, & 22nd at 2 pm

Tickets available at or by calling (410) 997-9352.


Performing at:
130 Red Branch Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045

Directed by Stephanie Lynn Williams
Music Direction by Tiffany Underwood Holmes
Production Managed by Cory Jones
Stage Managed by Iris Shih

Designs by Jason Aufdem-Brink, Terry Cobb, Brian M. Kehoe, Nicole Monroe, and Amy Rawe Weimer


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