Capital Fringe 2014 Preview: ‘The Dish’ by Jenny Splitter

What happens when you mix a saucy new play about food and fame with real players from the DC food scene?

The Dish is an interactive, semi-improvised new play that blends food, scandal and celebrity with true tales from chefs and food writers, and finishes with an epic Iron Chef-style battle.

TheDishPostcardNEWWho will become the next star and who will be left fighting over the crumbs of fame and celebrity? Clawing their way to the top are scandalized former Food Network star Rhonda Lee (Catherine Deadman), scorned sous chef Phillip (Jonathan Wong), vainglorious food editor Rodger (Kevin Boggs), pretentious blogger Nadia (Anika Harden), and our beleaguered producer Gwen (Kristy Simmons). Like any professional kitchen, profanities abound, but the comedy is as sharp as a knife made from Damascus steel.

While the main course is scripted, the sides of this meal are full of improvisational delight. Each performance will feature an interview between the characters and a different person from the DC food scene. Will you see Teddy Folkman, executive chef of Granville Moore’s and Capitol Lounge? Social media publicist and former restaurateur Mykl Wu? Washington Post deputy food editor Bonnie Benwick? Acclaimed food writer David Hagedorn? Click over to our Facebook page or read the Daily Dish here on DCMTA to find out just who we’re serving up and when.

Of course, you can’t have a show about food without an epic food battle. Fired Food Network Star Rhonda Lee and fanatical food blogger Nadia will compete to see who makes the coolest summer salad right before your very eyes. You pick the secret ingredient and you might pick the winner too. We’ll choose two lucky audience members to join us on stage for the taste test.

“It can be a challenge to direct a show where improvisation plays such a crucial role,” shares director Strother Gaines. “As a director there’s always that terror (and relief) when you hand off the show to the actors to say, ‘Ok it’s out of my hands.’ “With a show like “The Dish” I have to do that even earlier in the process. Thankfully, the energy, dedication and comedic skills of the cast have made the hand off a lot easier to handle.”

More real talk from Gaines: “I’ve had a blast working with everyone and look forward to all the free food that restaurants are going to give me in exchange for mentioning them in the show. I love you, Little Serow!”

Get tickets for The Dish now. They’re selling faster than a restaurant can open on 14th Street.



Saturday, July 12 @9:30 PM

Sunday, July 20 @2:45 PM

Tuesday, July 22 @6:00 PM

Friday, July 25 @8:30 PM

Sunday, July 27 @2:45 PM



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