Capital Fringe 2014 Preview: ‘Writing Miss Clark’s Résumé’ by Kelly Canavan

Register for a crash course in strange love, big dreams, manipulation, and loss of innocence with Miss Clark. You won’t soon forget this class. Miss Clark lives for her students and gives them her all, but her lesson plans start to go awry when a storm of symptoms threaten to overtake her. For the first time, she’s losing her grip – on her health, her career, and her personal life. Her résumé begins to change.

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What’s she done? She can’t be sure herself. Miss Clark turns to a colleague, doctors, and finally her students for help. Just when it looks like a teacher-student romance that rivals pizza delivery men for adult screen time might overtake her, Miss Clark’s life takes an unexpected turn. By the time the curtain drops, Miss Clark finds herself written into a corner she didn’t even know lurked in the shadows.

This is the second intensely intimate story Rabble Crew Productions has brought to the Fringe stage. However, Writing Miss Clark’s Résumé is a far cry from the mayhem of tangled relationships at Occupy DC in last year’s McPherson Madness. Both plays are set in DC, explore questionable relationships, and feature Shar-Nay Gaston and Lorenzo Jones. Also featured are Devora Zack and Noah Schaefer.

In Writing Miss Clark’s Résumé author Kelly Canavan trades facts for fiction and tents for classrooms. Kelly and her sister and Director Emily Canavan pull blurry lines of consent and truly shady love into the spotlight. You’ll see it unfold, but may never know what really happened.

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At Mountain – Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, 900 Massachusetts Ave. NW, in Washington, DC

We have air conditioning!

July 11 (Fri), 8:30-9:45 pm
July 13 (Sun), 4:30-5:45 pm
July 19 (Sat), 9-10:15 pm
July 25 (Fri), 8-9:15 pm
July 27 (Sun), 4:30-5:45 pm




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