Landless’ Opens ‘Sweeney Todd – Prog Metal Version’ This Weekend and DCMTA Coverage

Landless Theatre Company’s Sweeney Todd – Prog Metal Version opens Thursday night at Warehouse Theater.


Sweeney Todd -Prog Metal Version plays from August 7-31, 2014 at Warehouse Theater – 645 New York Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC. Purchase tickets online.

DCMetroTheaterArts has been honored to have had the ‘breaking news’ of the show and here’s our coverage:


Attend The Tale: Cast Announcement for Landless’ Summer of Rock productions of ‘Sweeney Todd – Prog Metal Version’ and ‘Rock Bottom’ [A Rock Opus] by Landless Theatre Company.

Exclusive! Attend The Tale of Landless Theatre’s Sondheim Approved Prog Metal Version of ‘Sweeney Todd’:Announcing The Arrangers-THE FLEET STREET COLLECTIVE.

Bloody Good News! Sondheim Grants Landless Theatre Company Permission to Develop Prog-Metal Version of ‘Sweeney Todd’ by Andrew L. Baughman.

Part One“Richard Campbell’s Frankenstein: Making a Monster Rock Opera”: Meet Robert Bradley.

Part Two: “Richard Campbell’s Frankenstein: Landless Making a Monster Rock Opera:” Meet Andrew Baughman.

Part Three“Richard Campbell’s Frankenstein: Landless Making a Monster Rock Opera:” Meet Irene Jericho.

Landless Theatre Company’s website.


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