Meet the Cast of ‘Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s ‘Masquerade’: Part 1: Kelly Richards (Diana)

In Part One of a series of interviews with the cast of Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s Masquerade, by William Leary, meet Kelly Richards.

Kelly Richard (Diana). Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre.
Kelly Richard (Diana). Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre.

Joel: Where have theatregoers seen you perform on the stage?

Kelly: This will be my first stage performance.

Why did you want to become involved in Masquerade?

I was intrigued by the message that is being sent. A lot of people tend to forget about the family and their pain and I couldn’t turn down being a part of such a strong project.

Introduce us to your character you play in Masquerade.

I am Pastor Diana and I’m the glue that tries to keep the family together when they are losing the faith. I’m keeping everyone focused on what’s important and how God will take care of them all.

What personal experiences and qualities do you bring with you that have helped shape your performance?

Strength and compassion; I love what I do, so it helps to give a great performance.

What have you learned about suicide and how it affects families since you started working on Masquerade?

I learned that it’s everywhere and affects everyone differently.

The cast of 'Masquerade.'  The Cast of Masquerade L to R: Sarah Scott-Kelli, Tim Jansen-Steven, Carol V. Calhoun (C)-Emma, Lauren Giglio-Janet, Alie Kamara-Kyle, and Kelly Richards. Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre Company.
The cast of ‘Masquerade.’ L to R: Sarah Scott-Kelli, Tim Jansen-Steven, Carol V. Calhoun (Center)-Emma, Lauren Giglio-Janet, Alie Kamara-Kyle, and Kelly Richards. Photo courtesy of Wolf Pack Theatre Company.

What was the best advice your director William Leary gave you on how to play your character?

He told me I am the VOICE. I don’t want the audience to ever lose me in the play and just how important my role is. He told me to be STRONG at all times and I am what keeps this family somewhat sane.

What is the hardest scene for you to perform and to watch and why?

Probably the opening monologue; it’s what sets the bar. First impressions are what stick. It’s hard watching Janet, as you will see just how hard it hits her.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing Masquerade?

I would like them to take knowledge and compassion with them. It’s very powerful and I think people need to understand just how important this really is in our society.


Masquerade will be performed on September 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, and 27, 2014 at 8 PM at Wolf Pack Theatre Company performing at Charis Center for the Arts – 13010 8th Street, in Bowie MD. For tickets reservations call (240) 271-5471, or email [email protected].

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