Meet the Cast of ‘Death By Design’ at Greenbelt Arts Center: Part 2: Meet Sarah K. Scott

In Part 2 in a series of interviews with the cast of Death By Design at Greenbelt Arts Center, meet Sarah K. Scott.

Sarah K. Scott.
Sarah K. Scott.

Joel: Introduce yourself to our readers and tell them what other shows you have appeared in and some of the roles you have played?

My name is Sarah K. Scott, and I am playing Alice in Death by Design. When I’m not acting, I am the Marketing Coordinator for The Highwood Theatre in Silver Spring. I have most recently appeared in Wolf Pack Theatre Company’s production of Masquerade at the Charis Center for the Arts playing the role of Kelli. I have a BFA in Theatre Performance from Baylor University where I appeared in Blood Wedding, Macbeth, Gypsy, and The Skin of Our Teeth.

Why did you want to be in Death By Design at Greenbelt Arts Center?

Having just closed a very heavy, dramatic, difficult new show, it was refreshing to have the opportunity to be in a fun, silly, farcical comedy.

Who do you play in Death By Design and how do you relate to her?

I play Alice, a young woman who is driven to desperate measures to win back the love of her sweetheart. I can relate because I have had a relationship or two where I would have been willing to do a lot of things for my significant other, although maybe not to the lengths Alice goes. But I do understand making sacrifices for loved ones.

What do you admire about your character and what do you not admire?

I admire the courage and resolve she shows in her determination to carry out her mission which she believes will earn back the affection of her love. But I don’t admire how hysterical she becomes when she is upset. She tries so hard to be strong and determined, but she inevitably starts to crack under pressure.

What have been the challenges you have encountered while preparing for your role and how have you overcome these challenges? How did your director help you?

Being comfortable with a British dialect was definitely a challenge, but our dialect coach was very helpful with teaching us the proper pronunciations of several words. It is also difficult to play straight in such a funny show. I am on a very serious mission with dire consequences, but I still have to be funny. Ann (the director) has come up with some great funny bits that play up the comedy but keep me in character. She also gives great motivation for my actions.

What is your big highlight in the show and what do we learn about your character when you perform it?

The biggest highlight for my character is when she is fighting her rival over the affection of her lover. The audience learns that she is very invested in the relationship and doesn’t give up easily. At that point, her history is revealed and the motives behind her actions become clear.

What have you learned about yourself during this whole process?

I’ve learned that I can actually be pretty funny when I let lose and don’t take myself too seriously.

What do you want audiences to take with them after watching you perform in Death By Design?

I hope they leave with a smile on their faces having enjoyed the crazy journey we took them on. I hope they forget they are in Greenbelt, Maryland in 2014, and instead get absorbed into the world of Cookham, England in the 1930’s.


Death by Design plays from November 7 -23, 2014 at Greenbelt Arts Center – 123 Centerway, in Greenbelt, MD. For tickets, call the box office at (301) 441-8770, or purchase them online.

Meet the Cast of ‘Death By Design’ at Greenbelt Arts Center: Part 1: Meet Jill Vanderweit.

Meet the Cast of ‘Death By Design’ at Greenbelt Arts Center: Part 2: Meet Sarah K. Scott.

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