Winter Heat Courtesy of Teatro de la Luna: ‘No hay que llorar’ (No Need to Cry) Opens February 19th by Christine Stoddard

Winter Heat Courtesy of Teatro de la Luna

Teatro de la Luna’s Luna de Tangos/Moonlight Tangos, a sold out cabaret featuring tangos and milongas, made Ballston’s NRECA Conference Center an extra cozy place the night of February 1, 2015.

Elegant men and women sipped on wine and enjoyed empanadas to the tunes of Argentina and Uruguay. Local performers included Jon Nazdin on double bass, Ramon González on guitar, Emmanuel Trifilio on bandoneon (a kind of concertina) , singer ‘Tucu’ Medina and dancers Susan and Tino. The talent served up a mix of romantic instrumentals, dancing, and live singing.

But if you missed it, you missed it. Until next time, as they say.


For a decidedly different flavor, your next chance at catching the bilingual theatre’s original programming is No hay que llorar/ No Need to Cry.

Written by Roberto ‘Tito’ Cossa, No hay que llorar runs Feb. 19-March 8, 2015 and will be making its U.S. premiere at Gunston Arts Center – Theatre Two in Arlington. Teatro’s Mario Marcel, in-house director, leads stars Alex Alburqueque, Jerry Daniel, Marcela Ferlito, Jhakye García, Juan Pablo Vacatello, and Nucky Walder through the story of a family reunion. Make no mistake, there’s no sap here. This is an unabashed comedy, one where ambitions, affectations, and grudges fight for stage time. Watch the room heat up as ego rages.

Don’t speak Spanish? No worries. Like all of Teatro de la Luna’s black box productions, No hay que llorar will include English surtitles.


Purchase tickets online for No hay que llorar.

For more information about Teatro de la Luna, go to their website.

 ¡A gozar!

A Full Moon for el Festival de Teatro para Niños by Christine Stoddard.


  1. The scene sounds absolutely enchanting! Sipping wine and enjoying empanadas while being serenaded by the tunes of Argentina and Uruguay must have created a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere.


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