Guitarist Orlando Roman on The National Chamber Ensemble’s ‘Musical Gems of Mexico’ on Sat May 9th at 7:30 PM

This Saturday, May 9th at 7:30 PM The National Chamber Ensemble will be hosting Guitarist Orlando Roman talks about the concert.

Orlando Roman. Photo courtesy of National Chamber Ensemble.
Guitarist Orlando Roman. Photo courtesy of National Chamber Ensemble.

What is your relationship with Mexican classical music?

Mexican music has always been an integral part of my repertoire. Mexico has a rich tradition of guitar music which I have employed in my solo, chamber, and concerto work.

What do you think Mexican classical music has that is unique?

Mexican composers have a truly unique Latin American voice. The harmonies and elements found in Mexican music cannot be found anywhere else. Mexico is a country rich in tradition which is clearly evident in their music.

Which is your favorite piece in Musical Gems of Mexico?

My favorite piece on the program is Die Vogel. Angulo manages to create a perfect combination between the guitar and the ensemble as well as demonstrating his rich and unique harmonies. He understand how the guitar works and composes perfectly on it. It is truly a masterpiece.

Which piece do you think the Mexican community will like more?

I think Die Vogel will be the crowd favorite. Although it was composed some time ago many audiences have not had an opportunity to hear it.  It is quite an impressive work.

What is your relationship with the National Chamber Ensemble and how do you think they are different from other classical arts organizations in DC?

I am so pleased to work with the National Chamber Ensemble. Their innovative programming gives audiences an opportunity to hear works that are not in the mainstream. There is great music being composed everyday and organizations like the National Chamber Ensemble bring those works to light. Keep up the great work!!

Musical Gems of Mexico is being performed on Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM at The National Chamber Ensemble performing at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre at Artisphere – 1611 North Kent Street, in Arlington, VA. Purchase tickets online or at the door.


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