2015 Capital Fringe Preview #10: ‘The Wedding Party’ by Megan Dominy

Sharp, funny, and irreverent, the world premiere of The Wedding Party will be invading this summer’s Capital Fringe Festival! Playwrights Megan Dominy and Mimsi Janis sat down with Director Abbie Isaac Fine and cast members Madeline Burrows, Kristen Garaffo, and Jonathan Lee Taylor.

The Wedding Party Promo

Megan: What was the last project you worked on?

Madeline: I spent the past year and a half touring my solo show, MOM BABY GOD, across the country. The show is based on undercover research I did on the American anti-abortion movement and the sexual culture among youth in the right-wing. Right-wingers ended up launching a smear campaign against the show, secretly filmed it with spy glasses, and wrote an expose on the show saying the footage was “too vulgar to be released to the general public.” I’m sure they will all be stoked to see that I’m now playing a bride! Maybe they’ll think I’ve finally reformed.

Kristen: Last spring I played Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Ford’s Theatre! I’ve also been the female swing for A Christmas Carol, also at Ford’s, for the past 5 years.

Jonathan: The last project I worked on was Constellation Theatre Company’s production of The Fire and The Rain. An epic Hindu Tale that is completely different from this project. I’m anxious to jump back into a comedy!

Abbie: I directed A Midsummer Night’s Riot at Keegan Theatre – a one-man show about the ongoing street riots in Belfast. It was my third collaboration with Belfast playwright Rosemary Jenkinson and DC actor Josh Sticklin.

Who do you play, and in what ways are you similar to your character? How are you different?

Madeline: I play Trisha, the soon-to-be bride. Trisha and I are both feisty, impulsive, and intensely honest potty mouths, although we have different swear words-of-choice. The biggest difference between us is she rocks heels, and I haven’t worn a pair offstage since junior prom.

Kristen: I play Chloe – who is full of spunk and is passionate about new age philosophy and yoga – and it just so happens that I myself am a yoga teacher and am training to be a life coach this year! I’m also getting married in October – so I am getting my fill of wedding and yoga this summer for sure! I would say Chloe is a little more up in the clouds than I am, if she’s air, I’m more earth. And I admire her confidence. She knows who she is and she’s not afraid of dimming her light to make other people comfortable. How amazing is that?

Jonathan: I play the brother of the groom, Justin. I am probably more similar to Justin than not. I’m pretty goofy and clueless. I have a feeling the authors wrote this character with me in mind. How am I different? I don’t have a brother.

Tell me a fun fact about yourself that would surprise me.

Madeline: I tried to escape from my baptism at age 3 because when my parents told me I was “joining God’s family” I thought they meant I was being put up for adoption.

Kristen: I was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and was adopted when I was a baby. I think eventually a South American adventure is in my future.

Jonathan: My own wedding was a comedy of errors. We had a string of near disasters ranging from getting the pastor certified to perform the wedding, to locating Birth Certificates in 4 different states, to smuggling the Best Man across the state line…and all of this happened in about 2 days. Imagine all of that happening just off Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Jazz Fest!

Abbie: I am a huge Nascar fan. Yes, I love Shakespeare and Nascar.

The Wedding Party is presented as a part of the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

Learn more online.

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On June 22, 2015 tickets go on sale for The Wedding Party.

For Tickets, visit capitalfringe.org or call 866-811-4111.

Fringe Venue: WS Jenks -910 Bladensburg Road NE, in Washington, DC 20002


Performance dates and times:

July 11th at 4:00 pm

July 16th at 6:15 pm

July 19th at 2:45 pm

July 23rd at 7:35 pm

July 25th at 8:20 pm.

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