2015 Capital Fringe Preview #48: ‘DancEthos with The West Shore Piano Trio Movement’

22 gorgeous dancers + 6 inspired choreographers + 3 brilliant musicians + 1 skilled spoken word artist = an amazing collaborative experience! This diverse and dynamic program will showcase dance, poetry and live music that ranges from absurd to earnest and haunting to playful.

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Artistic Director Tiffany Haughn has created two new works in collaboration with The West Shore Piano Trio. Fleeting is set to Brahams’ Piano Trio in B Major and explores this quote by Jonathan Lockwood Huie: “Success is failure recycled. Life is death reborn.”  Haughn’s other premiere, Piazzolla, is inspired by Astor Piazzolla’s musical masterpiece The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. This Tango infused take on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons challenges the dancers to mimic the brilliant dynamic variance of the music which ranges from lighthearted and playful to sensual and aggressive.

DancEthos company member Rick Westerkamp’s premiere of “what touches will dissolve” in collaboration with DC-based spoken word artist Sarah D. Lawson weaves language with movement. This athletic romp explores the endless possibilities that arise when you are willing to turn your world upside down, literally and figuratively, in the hopes of connecting with another person for a moment, a month, or perhaps the rest of your life.

Hinges, newly created by guest choreographer Ronya-Lee Anderson, explores the customs, routines and practices that we rely upon to hold us together – some noble, and others not so noble.

Felipe Oyarzun’s In Memory Of is a dream-like journey that weaves together many seemingly unrelated memories into a breathtaking and haunting landscape of movement and gesture.

With focus on the absurd, Erica Rebollar highlights strange and unexpected points of memory, movement, sound, and performativity in her latest collaboration with DancEthos – Absurdist Suites II.

Shadows, choreographed by Dance Place Director Deborah Riley, mirrors the dramatic tone set by Chopin’s Prelude in D flat Major. Soloist Althea Skinner reveals a bittersweet remembrance that arcs between beauty and betrayal.

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Cafritz Foundation Theater – Dance Place –
3225 8th Street, NE, in Washington, DC 20017

Thursday July 23rd at 7:45 pm
Friday July 24th at 7:15 pm
Saturday July 25th at 1:15 pm



For more information visit our website.


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