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The Hero of EVERYTHING opens September 12th at the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre -8641 Colesville Road, in downtown Silver Spring, MD


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A little about The Hero of EVERYTHING

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Who needs a sidekick or a team when you can do everything yourself, and do it just the way it should be? Captain Everything, everyone’s favorite superhero, loves saving the day and doesn’t need anyone’s help to do it. Sure, she has an Amazing Alliance of superheroes, but no one minds if she just handles everything herself. Or do they?

The Hero of EVERYTHING is a fresh, fun, and interactive way for kids and families to explore the importance of teamwork and the perils of trying to do everything yourself, all by being part of the action of a superhero play for heroes of all ages. The interactive experience begins at before of the show, with pre-show activities and a brainstorming session among the actors and the audience, and continues after the show with opportunities for autographs and photographs with the actors


For tickets, and information on the run of the production from September 12th-27th at the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre (8641 Colesville Road, in Silver Spring, MD 20910, next to the AFI Silver Theatre in downtown Silver Spring), check out our website!

And don’t forget to take advantage of your VANGUARD code!


The Step Up Fund: A Little Boost for Schools in Need


When you purchase your tickets, you may notice an invitation to donate to our Step Up Fund: A Little Boost for Schools in Need. The Step Up Fund was established especially for those schools in lower-income communities who need a little extra help to afford arts education programming for their students. These schools work hard to try to find the funding to provide their children with excellent educational and arts opportunities. They cobble together school funds, grants, and donations from businesses and individuals who support arts in schools. These schools often qualify for state and local grant funding, BUT many of these grants require schools to raise the money to provide matching funds–and for some schools, those matching funds might be just out of reach. Each year, many schools in need are in the heartbreaking position of turning down grant awards and canceling programs because they have almost, but not quite, enough funding. They’re almost there, they just need a little boost so they can reach a little higher and meet their goals.

InterAct Story Theatre’s Step Up Fund helps us offer subsidized arts programs to eligible schools that have raised at least 75% of the funds needed for arts programming for their students. A donation to the Step Up Fund helps expand access to the arts and ensures that no school has to give up on the arts because their reach is just a little bit short. Every little bit helps, and every little bit is much appreciated! Just another way to be a hero to our local kids.

The cast of 'Hero of EVERYTHING! Photo by Aisha Jordan/Peter Oliver-Krueger.
The cast of ‘Hero of EVERYTHING! Photo by Aisha Jordan/Peter Oliver-Krueger.

The Amazing Alliance thanks YOU for being a hero!

The Hero of EVERYTHING’ Plays at Silver Spring Black Box Theatre 9/12-27, 2015, by Rick Westerkamp.


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