Adam Ezra and Kathryn Calder at Gypsy Sally’s

Sunday night, Adam Ezra and Kathryn Calder rocked the joint!

Adam Ezra. Photo courtesy of
Adam Ezra. Photo courtesy of

Adam Ezra had a solo set of 45 minutes laying bare his vulnerability. In between his songs he shared the stories behind the music, which was mostly love stories, lost love, and a song about our military. He played his set barefoot, in jeans, and a long shirt with his hair tied in a manbun. He has a great sense of humor too! He played comfortably and passionately. One funny story described him dating a gal with a strict Catholic upbringing. He claimed he is the parents’ worst nightmare. So he wrote a song about stealing their daughter (“Steal Your Daughter”) in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. I loved how he growled on the song.

Another great song detailed his pursuit of a gal and how it didn’t work out (“Desperate Plea from the Heart of a Shithead”). After the show I shared with Ezra I am a veteran and he hugged me and kindly gave me his CDs. Ezra also has been involved in raising copious amounts of money to help homeless veterans find homes.

Adam Ezra’s setlist:
“On the Crawl”
“Miss Hallelujah”
“Thunder Road”
“Desperate Plea from the Heart of a Shithead”
“Steal Your Daughter”

Kathryn Calder. Photo courtesy of Adelaide Hall.
Kathryn Calder. Photo courtesy of Adelaide Hall.

Kathryn Calder and her three-piece backing band who all hail from the great North of Canada! Calder sang songs from her self-titled new album and also some old songs. She shared this was the last leg of the tour, so she was losing her voice, but she sounded great!! Calder explained when she was in Quebec, she went to get coffee and a furry thing ran passed her and screamed. She quickly realized it was a cat café and sheepishly admitted to staying all day there. Someone from the audience yelled, “DC has one too!” which caused Calder to smile. Calder is versatile! She plays the keyboards, the guitar, and sings and writes music

I loved the synth feel of her songs. Many of her songs start soft and then they roar to life with strong guitar riffs, deep bass, and the pounding of drums. My favorite was :”When You See My Blood” which is eerily beautifully. She haunting pleads, “When You See My Blood” and then rises. Gorgeous song. Her voice is her best instrument. It’s fun to watch a professional musician like Calder. She doesn’t even look at the keyboard when playing and loses herself in the song.

Kathryn Calder’s Set List:
“Slip Away”
“Turn a Light On”
“Take a Little Time”
“Blue Skies”
“My Armour”
“City of Sounds”
“Arm in Arm”
“When You See My Blood”
“So Easily”

Next time Adam Ezra and Kathryn Calder are in town, don’t miss them!

Running Time: Approximately two hours.

Kathryn Calder and Adam Ezra played on Sunday, September 13, 2015, at 8 PM at Gypsy Sally’s – 3401 K Street, NW, in Washington, DC. For future concerts and events, go to their website.

An Interview With Kathryn Calder Who is Performing Tomorrow at 8 PM at Gypsy Sally’s by Marlene Hall.

RATING: FIVE-STARS-82x1555.gif


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