Meet the Cast of Avant Bard’s ‘Friendship Betrayed’ Part 8: Megan Dominy

In Part 8 of a series of interviews with the cast of WSC Avant Bard’s production of Friendship Betrayed—a classic comedy by Spanish playwright María de Zayas y Sotomayor—meet Megan Dominy.

Megan Dominy
Megan Dominy

Joel: Where have local audiences seen you perform recently on stage?

Megan: Most recently, I was seen in a show I wrote—The Wedding Party in the DC Fringe Festival. (It won Best Comedy!) But more people would probably recognize me from The Lieutenant of Inishmore at Constellation Theatre. I am continually amazed at how many people saw that show. A few weeks ago, I took my sick puppy to the vet, and the receptionist was like, “Hey, werent you in that play with all the dead cats?”

Why did you want to be part of the cast of Friendship Betrayed at Avant Bard?

Mostly, I wanted the opportunity to work with Kari (Ginsburg). But I was also excited to work on a show with so many other young women. It seems most plays have only one female role, or two. I love that we have five fabulous ladies in the cast!

Who do you play in the show? How do you relate to her?

I play Marcia, who is caught in a couple of love triangles…so, it’s more like a love hexagon? She is very proactive and practical. I relate to how she takes charge in a bad situation to fix it. She also has a very strong moral center and operates based on her conscience as opposed to what she really wants. I can definitely relate to choosing consideration over personal desire.

What’s the show about from the point of view of your character?

Marcia would say the show is about falling in (and out of) love for the first time. And about finally seeing someone for who they really are, in the worst and best ways.

Kari Ginsburg, the director, has set Friendship Betrayed in the 1920s. How are you creating a classical character with Roaring Twenties appeal?

It’s all about the words on the page. I don’t really think of it in terms of a “classical character”—I play Marcia’s actions to achieve her objectives. Yes, she will dress and behave differently based on the mores of the 1920s, but to me, acting is all about playing the intentions of the scene, regardless of the setting.

What is your favorite scene that you are not in and why?

Anything with Mary Myers (who plays Lucia). She cracks me up.

What is your favorite line or lines that your character says, and what is your favorite line that someone else says in the show?

My own favorite line is “Amazing things are happening, cousin!”

My favorite line that someone else says is Liseo’s (James Finley): “I really am taken with her understanding…not to mention, every other part of her.” I love/hate this line. Let’s just say it gets a visceral reaction from me every time.

What are you doing next on the stage?

This must be my year of McDonagh—I’m excited to be playing Helen in The Cripple of Inishmore with Scena Theatre, as well as taking The Wedding Party to the Baltimore Fringe festival.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing Friendship Betrayed?

I want people to question who the villain actually is in the play—and what price is paid for it.

Friendship-banner-728x90Friendship Betrayed plays through October 11, 2015 at WSC Avant Bard performing at Gunston Arts Center, Theatre Two – 2700 South Lang Street, in Arlington, VA. For tickets, call the box office at (703) 418-4808, or purchase them online.

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