Meet the Cast of Avant Bard’s ‘Friendship Betrayed’: Part 10: Mary Myers

In Part 10 of a series of interviews with the cast of WSC Avant Bard’s production of Friendship Betrayed—a classic comedy by Spanish playwright María de Zayas y Sotomayor—meet Mary Myers.

Mary Myers
Mary Myers.

Joel: Where have local audiences seen you perform recently on stage?

Mary: Most recently, I played Adriana in Comedy of Errors with Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.

Why did you want to be part of the cast of Friendship Betrayed at Avant Bard?

I was fortunate enough to play this same role when Avant Bard presented Friendship Betrayed as a reading a few years ago. I had an absolute blast working with Kari (Ginsburg) on bringing that reading to life, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle a full production.

Who do you play in the show? How do you relate to her?

I play Lucia, Fenisa’s (Melissa Marie Hmelnicky) serving woman. I’d say she’s blunter than I am, but she is also impossibly sassy…and I most definitely identify with that.

What’s the show about from the point of view of your character?

For Lucia, this story serves as a warning that you shouldn’t let your heart get in the way of being sensible. You should enjoy your life (and take advantage of every opportunity), but don’t forget to look out for yourself.

Kari Ginsburg, the director, has set Friendship Betrayed in the 1920s. How are you creating a classical character with Roaring Twenties appeal?

Lucia is nothing if not progressive. She is the classic, brash servant, but she isn’t the “classic” woman. She’s much more interested in doing what she wants rather than living up to other people’s expectations.

What is your favorite scene that you are not in and why?

I really enjoy the scene between Leon (Connor J. Hogan), Liseo (James Finley), and Fenisa right before my first entrance. The physicality and props make me laugh out loud.

What is your favorite line or lines that your character says, and what is your favorite line that someone else says in the show?

My favorite Lucia line involves comparing multiple lovers to garlic cloves (but I don’t want to give it away)! My favorite pair of lines spoken by other characters is this exchange (played by Megan Dominy as Marcia and Alani Kravitz as Belisa):

MARCIA: Amazing things have been happening, cousin.

BELISA: So amazing.

What are you doing next on the stage?

Next up, I’m returning to Chesapeake Shakespeare Company for some holiday festivities in A Christmas Carol.

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing Friendship Betrayed?

I hope this show creates conversation about the roles women are “cast” in in real life, whether they’re cast by themselves, by other people, or by societal expectations. But also, I’d love the audience to laugh their high-waisted pants off with a pile of bearcats. Come check out the show!


Friendship Betrayed plays through October 11, 2015 at WSC Avant Bard performing at Gunston Arts Center – Theatre Two – 2700 South Lang Street, in Arlington, VA. For tickets, call the box office at (703) 418-4808, or purchase them online.

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