Review: ‘Peter Pan JR’ at Bravo Productions at The Randolph Road Theatre

I had the pleasure of seeing Bravo Production’s Peter Pan JR with my three boys on Saturday, January 16, 2016. The show was performed by 41 aspiring artists, in grades 2-8, and was one of the two shows that Bravo Productions will produce in 2016. With the guidance of Producer/Director Laurie Levy Issembert, Music Director Laura Brady, Choreographer Laurie Newton, Assistant Director Valerie Issembert, Stage Manager May Kassim, and Production Assistant Jordanna Peronico, these up-and-comings put on an enchanting performance that was 65 minutes of pure joy.

From left to right: John Darling (Eli Langer), Michael Darling (Izzy Alexander) Peter Pan (Zoe Alexander), Wendy Darling (Madison Sherman), Tinker Bell (Alexa Vinner), and Nana (Josie Stein). Photo by photo by Laurie Levy Issembert.
From left to right: John Darling (Eli Langer), Michael Darling (Izzy Alexander) Peter Pan (Zoe Alexander), Wendy Darling (Madison Sherman), Tinker Bell (Alexa Vinner), and Nana (Josie Stein). Photo by Laurie Levy Issembert.

At the center of it all, of course, was Peter Pan, played by Zoe Alexander, who did a fantastic job of capturing Peter Pan’s mischievousness and love of play. Her voice was strong. She led the children with confidence. And she crowed like only a true Peter Pan could do.

Madison Sherman was Peter’s Wendy. She showed Wendy’s innocence, sweetness, and mother-like fondness of her siblings and the other children. Sherman had a lovely singing voice and made a nice duo with Alexander’s Pan.

The rest of the Darling family were adorable brothers John (Eli Langer) and Michael (Izzy Alexander) and their parents, which on the evening of the production I saw was Matthew Milam as the grouchy and stern Mr. Darling, and Ella Hanson as the doting Mrs. Darling.

Of course, there would be no adventure without the charmingly and sassy Alexa Vinner as Tinkerbell. Along with her Fairy friends, played by Lexi Blank, Olivia Putnam, Jordyn Zamoiski, Rachel Roberts, Emily Ashman, and Rachel Reinstein, Vinner sang, danced, and glittered her way through the production. She’s a real pro!

The costumes were spot-on with bright colors and remarkably fantastic body suits for Nana and Crocodile, played by the versatile Josie Stein, who also performed the role of Tiger Lily.

Some other notable performances came from Daniel Schorr as Captain James Hook, who had my children laughing every time he opened his mouth, and the devoted Mr. Smee by Will Sexter.

The entire show was a delight to watch and the excitement and dedication that the developing artists showed for their work made the experience all the more enjoyable.

The audience and young performers alike had a ridiculous amount of fun, which according to Bravo’s program is the point of the whole production:

Bravo Productions is in the business of developing a love of musical theater in our students and in our community.

The love that the kids had for their show was evident and I’m sure their skills and talents will continue to benefit from Bravo Productions’ training.

Running Time: 65 minutes, with no intermission.

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Peter Pan JR played for four shows on January 16 and 17, 2016 at Bravo Productions performing at Randolph Road Theatre – 4010 Randolph Road, in Silver Spring, MD. For information on the organization and their upcoming show Suessical Jr., go to their website.

Bravo Productions’ Disney’s ‘Peter Pan JR’ Takes Flight on January 16th and 17th at 4 & 7:30 PM at The Randolph Road Theatre.

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