Performances Today at Noon & 4 PM for ‘Becoming Sugar Plum’ at Metropolitan Ballet Theatre at Montgomery College

Co-Choreographer writer Elizabeth Odell Catlett . Photo courtesy of Maryland Ballet Theatre.
Co-Choreographer and story writer

I am so proud and grateful for my students. They are such hardworking, dedicated, and talented individuals. I have witnessed some of my youngest dancers execute movements with such elegance and emotion and I have witnessed some of my advanced dancers execute some of the most challenging choreography I have ever created. My students are the reason I am motivated to put in the extra hours and to stay creative. They deserve the best from me and I hope the local community will come support them and this original ballet project.

I believe this new story ballet, with its magical and ethereal theme, is one that will not only bring smiles and wonder to children and audiences of all ages, but will also allow people to connect on an emotional and personal level.

I look forward to seeing all the costumes, sets, drops, choreography, and brand new musical composition by Alexandra T. Bryant come together to tell the story of how the Sugar Plum Fairy came to be.


There are two performances of Becoming Sugar Plum today at Noon and 4 PM at Montgomery College’s Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center – 51 Mannakee Street, in Rockville, MD 20850. Purchase tickets at the box office or online.

This article is by Elizabeth Odell Catlett.


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