2016 Capital Fringe Preview #11: ‘Connectivity/Complexity’ by Rachel Turner

Errant Movement, a new modern dance company on the scene in DC, is proud to present Connectivity/Complexity.

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This show features choreography from Artistic Director Rachel Turner and guest choreographers Weng Cheong, Zsari Delaney, Kristina Edwards, and Ronnique Murray. Errant’s work is down-to-earth and accessible, and it leaves the audience thinking about the world around them. The choreographic style combines technical work with pedestrian gestures to create movements that are understandable and beautiful to watch. Turner’s choreography has been described as “excellent, incorporating strong rhythmical footwork, good use of space and interesting arm coordination.”

The title piece explores how the constant influx of tragic information that we receive through the internet and social media affects us. Whenever tragedy strikes, we are instantly aware and able to feel close with what has happened through vivid images. It may feel like there are more bad things happening in the world, but it is really that our world has become smaller due to technology. Our brains developed when we lived in smaller communities and didn’t know what was going on outside of our small bubbles of existence, so are we equipped to receive this amount of information without becoming numb or totally devastated? How can we cope?

Errant means “straying from the proper course or standards” and “traveling in search of adventure.” Both of these definitions fit the mission of Errant Movement to explore the world we live in through dance using unexpected movement patterns and ideas. Errant was founded in August of 2015, and we are so excited to present our first full length show as a part of Capital Fringe 2016.

In addition to the title piece, shorter works explore the beauty and patterns of music, insomnia, human trafficking, memories, and conflict. “Sifu” and “For Now, We Walk” are special because they were choreographed by students of Artistic Director Rachel Turner (Zsari Delaney and Weng Cheong respectively) and were set by transcribing the choreography from videos of student performances.  It is important to Errant Movement to highlight various voices, and in addition to these student voices, we are proud to present Breath Withheld by Kristina Edwards and Girl Interrupted by Ronnique Murray. Both Edwards and Murray are talented dance artists and educators in the DC area, and their hard work in the studio has led to two the creation of two poignant pieces.

For more information on Errant and our dancers, check out our website. Find us on Facebook for peeks into rehearsal and updates about our show!

Dancers: Mariana Barros, Karlin Gatton, Imani Gaston, Emilia Kawashima, Kaya Simonson, Julia Tomanovich, and Rachel Turner.

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          Elstad Auditorium at Gallaudet University (air-conditioned!)

800 Florida Ave NE, in Washington, D.C. 20002

 (at the intersection of Florida Avenue, NE and West Virginia Avenue,  NE, walking distance from the NY Avenue/ NoMa/Gallaudet metro stop or by the 90 or 92 bus, or the H Street Streetcar)


Thursday, July 7th @ 7:15 PM
Thursday, July 21st @ 9:30 PM
Saturday, July 23rd @ 2:30 PM




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