Capital Fringe Preview #26: ‘BECOMING’ at fusiondance by Candra Preshong

Why BECOMING will challenge everything you think you know about dance

Becoming….’to begin to be’….you may be asking yourself, what does that even mean? I wasn’t sure either, I just knew I needed to explore it. As an artist, my process is evolutionary and collaborative. I often leave a dance concert feeling one of the worst emotions a human being can endure….indifferent. I would LOVE to be inspired. I would be HAPPY to feel passion from the dancers, I EXPECT to leave feeling uncomfortable. Art exists for a purpose. Our job is to take the audience outside themselves sure, but I also strive to cause the audience to dive deeply into themselves as well. To feel everything you may or may not want to feel. I wanted to create a platform for reality. Enter…fusiondance.

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Every time I create, it is with a real story, a real event, a visceral emotion. The work we put onstage is always strong, it’s always evocative, its always raw. Our partnering work will astound you, our diversity will intrigue you, and our emotional content will steal the breath from your chest. You will be taken on a ride that you won’t soon forget. I love modern dance, I respect classical ballet, I live for a good solid jazz piece, we aren’t any of that, we are ALL of that plus the most compelling storytelling you’ve ever experienced.

How do I know this? How am I so confident YOU will know this? In BECOMING, we have created an evening of our stories channeled through incredible movement. It is honest, the dancers are fully committed, and the result is REAL. What led me to the title BECOMING was the idea that we are always evolving. We are always succeeding, failing, loving, losing, being lost and trying to find our anchor. We are in a constant state of becoming as humans and that is what I love about life and also what I love about dance. You can never have the same performance. That moment onstage, is always the most present moment in your life to date. Our show is full of these moments. If you’re looking for something light, something slightly reserved, skip our show. If you want to rock your soul and challenge everything you thought you knew about dance, we’ll be waiting to show you what it means to be fusiondance.

Featuring: Candra Preshong, Shelley Siller, Caroline Siller, Emilia Montalvo, Kathleen Howard, Laura Gelles, Chanel Smith, and Laura Franklin.


Elstad Auditorium – Gallaudet University-800 Florida Avenue,  NE, in Washington, DC 20002

Sunday 7/10 at 3:30 PM
Thursday 7/14 at 8:30 PM
Saturday 7/16 at 3:00 PM
Sunday 7/17 at 6:45 PM
Wednesday 7/20 at 8:45 PM
Saturday 7/23 at 12:15 PM


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