2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘BRYCE: Hydrogen Blonde’

Bryce walks onstage wearing a sequined jacket and spandex jumpsuit. He’s backed by two phenomenal dancers, Nia Calloway and Zhane’ Davis Smith. His first original pop song, Best Diq blasts through the theatre declaring to the audience exactly what to expect: spectacle, and lots of it. After all, the art of the pop concert is all in the spectacle. And Bryce, self-styled as “DC’s newest pop star”, delivers throughout his show BRYCE: Hydrogen Blonde.


The hour long set consists of six original songs, three covers, and even more costume changes. The songs, written and produced by combinations of Bryce Sulecki, Hilary Morrow, Julia Kaufman and Rebecca Taylor, are pop music in the style of Britney Spears and even Rihanna. “Undress Me” and “Cabana Boy” (featuring Hilary Morrow) are especially fun to watch. “Stepping Stone,” a country-inspired song accompanied by Matt Winton on the guitar, has memorable lyrics about a sour break-up.

Almost as fun as Bryce’s songs, is the repartee he has with the audience in between each set of songs. These small bits include a story about why he wrote the song “Stepping Stone”, an invitation to the audience to join him for a drink after the show, and a particularly amusing riff about Facebook’s new “live” feature.

The real spectacle, however, manifests in the lighting, and of course the dancing! Tyler D. Dubuc’s fantastic lighting design set the scene with rainbow colors and a wild strobe effect. Sara Herrera’s choreography brought the songs to life and helped to give a distinct vibe to songs that would otherwise start to blur together.

Bryce’s provocative show will have you dancing in your seat and shouting “Yaaas Queen!”

Running Time: 60 minutes with no intermission.


BRYCE: Hydrogen Blonde plays through Sunday, July 24, 2016 at Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre – 1358 Florida Ave NE Washington, DC. For tickets, call (866) 811-4111, or purchase them online.

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