2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Crazy in America’

Ron Litman, accompanied by Tom Pile, has become renowned for his raving style of comedy at the Fringe with shows such as his 2014 hit Waiting for Armageddon. His current show, Crazy in America, doesn’t disappoint.


The show starts with “Maestro” Litman attempting to start the show with “conductor” Pile, while running into comedic difficulties such as losing his harmonica and finding a rubber chicken instead. This routine perfectly sets the stage for the main show, a series of Litman’s rants set to music by Pile. Together they create a show which blends doomsayer on the corner with political protestor with a healthy dose of comedy.

Though ranting to music may sound like an odd premise to a show, Litman and Pile carry it out with an energy which make it wonderfully funny. Litman throws himself into his various roles to create caricatures of people, ranging from a psychiatric genius to Supreme Court justices, singing satires who cleverly point out today’s problems, tomorrow’s problems and all the reasons why we’re crazy. He does so with clever lyrics which make even the scariest possibilities seem humorously absurd. And his performance is enhanced even further by Pile, who has given each song its own character. The psych doctor gains an Area 51 feel while the Supreme Court becomes a circus.

Crazy in America is quintessentially Fringe. It’s a show which feels almost like you’re watching those buskers who made you late because you couldn’t stop watching them. If you like absurdist comedy, it’s an excellent place to get your fix.

Running Time: 60 minutes with no intermission.


Crazy in America is playing through July 23, 2016 at Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre, 1358 Florida Ave NE – in Washington, DC. For tickets, call (866) 811-4111, or purchase them online.

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