2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Review: ‘Making the Fringe Great Again!’ at WaitStaff Sketch Comedy

If you’re a stickler for political correctness, lighten up, head over to L’Etage Cabaret, grab a drink, and laugh your *#@% off at all the irreverent humor in WaitStaff Sketch Comedy’s hilarious Making the Fringe Great Again! A troupe of five of Philadelphia’s favorite comics—Jim Boyle, Sara Carano, Gerre Garrett, Chris McGovern, and Eric Singel—keep the pace moving and the jokes coming in a series of thirteen socio-political skits and two quick bonus bits that find humor in everything from the current election campaign to condoms and Christmas, at this “most ‘Fringiest’ time of the year.”

Gerre Garrett, Sara Carano, Jim Boyle, Eric Singel, and Chris McGovern. Design by Ryan McMenamin.
Gerre Garrett, Sara Carano, Jim Boyle, Eric Singel, and Chris McGovern. Design by Ryan McMenamin.

There are wacky send-ups of Game of Thrones and It’s a Wonderful Life (with a great impersonation of Jimmy Stewart), lampoons of Comcast, talk radio, and the NRA, and parodies of inarticulate men, intelligent women, and gullible Christians, with uproarious quips and digs aimed at the presidential candidates throughout all of them. And of course the ever-popular “Real Housewives of South Philly” are back, with their pitch-perfect accents, attitude, and decibel level, in a three-part serial that involves a charm bracelet of Donald Trump’s head, an ill-placed tattoo of Bernie Sanders, The Twilight Zone, and familiar characters from TV sitcoms of the ‘60s.

Ryan McMenamin provides tech support and silly sound effects for the sketches, and priceless makeshift costumes and wigs characterize everyone from the housewives to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This sidesplitting show fully succeeds in its mission of Making the Fringe Great Again!

Running Time: 60 minutes, without an intermission.


Making the Fringe Great Again! plays through Friday, September 23, 2016, performing at L’Etage Cabaret – 624 South 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA. For tickets, call (215) 413-1318, or purchase them online.





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