Update: Funeral Information: Local Theater and Restaurant Reviewer and Cable TV Host and Producer Rich Massabny Has Passed Away

Here is information on Rich Massabny’s funeral:
Viewing: Wednesday, 2 to 4 and 6-8 pm
Murphy’s Funeral Home -4200 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA

Funeral Service:
Thursday: 1 PM
Murphy’s Funeral Home
4200 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
Followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall at Arlington Church of the Brethren-300 North Montague Street, in Arlington, VA

Internment at National Memorial Park is tentative for Friday.

I have lost a mentor and a colleague. Rich Massabny has died and my heart is broken.

Rich Massabny.

Opening nights were always a joy for me when Rich Massabny, with his big smile and a strong handshake, would reach out to greet me and congratulate me on an interview or a podcast I had recorded.

The man has so much experience that  I would beg him, “Teach me how to interview. Teach me what you know!”

And he did.

He taught me these important tricks of the trade:

–Know your interviewee… Be well prepared.

–The interview is not about you… it’s about him or her or them.

–Have fun and ask smart questions.

And I listened to him and I just loved the guy.

This is the Rich Massabny I loved. He crammed so much in to his TV shows – a review or two or three, and then he threw in his a new-favorite restaurant – all with his very charming personality and with sheer joy and excitement.

He was caring and loving. He called me a lot to encourage me when I was battling health issues,  and I returned the favor during his health battles of the past few years.

When Rich stopped coming to Press Nights, I basically stopped coming because he was not there. It wasn’t fun anymore without him.

Judy and Rich Massabny. Photo by Frank Flein.

Rich and his wife Judy were inseparable and the love and respect for each other was so beautiful to behold.

I will miss Rich Massabny because he was classy, and sincere, and honest, and loving, and so inspiring. He was an original. A royal mensch.

My condolences to Judy and their families and friends, and everyone who knew and loved him.

Rest in peace my friend.

Rick Massabny’s website.

‘A Couple of Critical Importance’: Rich and Judy Massabny by Barbara Ruben of The Beacon.

Rich Massabny: Shooting From The Hip From Arlington For More Than 30 Years by Rebecca Sheir. Listen to the interview here.

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