In the Moment: ‘Roar: True Tales of Women Warriors’ to Benefit National Network to Prevent Domestic Violence

Launching an anthology of stories entitled Roar: True Tales of Women Warriors to benefit the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the professional story-telling group, Better Said Than Done will have a special one-performance live story-telling event. The event will featuring 10 women telling true, first-hand stories about the challenges that they as women encountered in their lives. All stories are personal. Each is a true experience.

The Roar stories will cover topics such as domestic violence, workplace discrimination, heart break, rape, and illness. “Storytelling is a performance, an art, a form of entertainment, and, from our mouths, a reality the audience will not forget.” said Jessica Robinson, founder of Better Said Than Done.

Jessica Robinson. Photo courtesy of Better Said Than Done.

The goal of both the show and the published anthology “is to empower women to share stories of obstacles they have overcome, to inspire those who may share in similar struggles, and to help others understand the obstacles women still face, even in 2017,” added Robinson.

“We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way to go,” said Robinson. “If women are to be treated as equals, with respect, under the law, and under our professional, domestic, and medical roofs, women need to share their stories. So many of us have experienced inequality, abuse, and varying degrees of mistreatment based around our gender”

Proceeds from both the show and book will benefit the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). “At the center of our work are survivors’ experiences and stories,” said Kim Gandy, NNEDV President and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with Better Said Than Done to lift up women’s voices and stories of empowerment. We urge every person to speak out for survivors and build stronger communities together.”

Sandra Hull. Photo courtesy of Better Said Than Done.

“Men and women in the audience will either be able to relate to the stories, based on personal experience, or will be able to learn from the stories.” said Robinson. “It is my hope that by sharing, in some cases, very difficult stories about challenges women face, we can promote understanding and enact change.”

Robinson added that “When I read or hear a story that I can relate to, I feel like I’m connected to another person through that experience. Sometimes, that connection is based on laughter, and sometimes on tears. That connection is the gift of sharing true personal stories. As an audience member, I feel closer to the storyteller because I have felt her experience and gone there with her.”

Northern Virginia story tellers appearing live at the Roar event and Jammin’ Java (Vienna, Virginia) include Stacy Crickmer, Sharon Few, Sandra Hull, Felicia Reed, Jessica Robinson, Ellouise Schoettler, Kathy Stershic, Allison Stevens, Anne B. Thomas, and Brandy Walker. Their stories are intended for an adult audience. Some of the stories in this show include portrayals of sex, abuse, and traumatic events.

Some of local writers appearing in the new anthology book include, Bushra Jabre of Vienna, Urmilla Khanna of Annandale, Mary Nicol Lucas of Fairfax, Kim O’Connell of Arlington and Reston’s Mary Supley Foxworth as well as National Storytelling Festival Slam Champion Anne Thomas, of Washington, DC.

“As a storyteller, I feel connected to the audience because I took them on a personal journey with me and hope that they learned from hearing my experience the way I learned from living it,” added Robinson. “Storytelling is powerful. By hearing a personal story, we learn from that person’s experience, empathize with that person, and, often, change our own thoughts after sharing in their experience. It’s my hope that by sharing, in some cases, very difficult stories about challenges women face, we can promote understanding and enact change.”

Better Said Than Done’s Roar:True Tales of Women Warriors plays at Jammin’ Java – 227 Maple Avenue East, in Vienna, Virginia at 7:30 PM on Saturday, April 30, 2017. Doors open at 6:30 PM. For tickets call (877) 987-6487 or purchase them online.

Note: Full bar and dinner menus are available and seating is limited to first come, first served. The stories are intended for an adult audience.


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