Preview: Washington Improv Theater’s ‘Wintry Mix’ at DC Arts Center

Now through February 4, Washington Improv Theater (WIT), the District’s oldest and only nonprofit long-form improv theater, presents Wintry Mix, a four-week medley of improv shows at the DC Arts Center headlined by WIT’s company ensembles. This run also features the return of “Improv Actually,” WIT’s improvised romantic comedy based on the movie Love Actually.

Erica Johnson, Nick Martinez, and Joey Breems. Photo by Jeff Salmore.

A WIT show since 2014, “Improv Actually” is now under the direction of Macey Schiff and features six new cast members. The show plays with romantic comedy tropes like the “meet cute.” It has a large ensemble cast — 15 people are in the total cast with nine in each show. This year, Schiff is exploring more melancholy endings. Just like the movie, not all of the storylines had a tidy conclusion.

Wintry Mix features many different acts throughout the run, and no two nights are the same. The run includes acts such as “Poetic Resistance,” which creates an improvised show based on a reading from a guest poet. This time, they’re featuring local poet Slli’m Williams. The January 25 show features “White Privilege, Black Power” in which players Greg Tindale and Eva Lewis (who are white and African-American, respectively) ask each other candid questions about race and improvise scenes based on the answers. “Bombay Vindaloo” is an improvised Bollywood movie. On February 2, the evening includes “I Wrote That,” a show where improvisers read some mortifying works of art or communications from their past and offer it as fodder for improv. These shows are all presented at DC Arts Center in the heart of Adams Morgan.

WIT’s Director of External Relations, Dan Miller, says of the Wintry Mix run, “It can be really easy to want to stay at home and watch Netflix. But a cozy evening in the bustling Adams Morgan neighborhood will make you glad you got out of your jammies. You know what to expect from a night alone with a box of wine and reruns of Parks and Rec. You don’t know what to expect from shows with WIT.”

Wintry Mix plays through February 4, 2018, at DCAC – 2438 18th St. NW, Washington, DC. For tickets, purchase them online.


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