What’s Playing at the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival? I’m Glad You Asked.

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? The Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival kicks off today and its ninth season promises to be better than ever. Taking place at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in DC’s vibrant H Street neighborhood, the festival features over 100 performances between now and March 11th.

Urban Artistry performing at a past Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival. Photo courtesy of festival staff.

Highlights of this year’s festival include:

  • Over 100 offerings divided into the following categories: sound, movement, story, and family performances.
  • An expanded Youth Summit Initiative featuring a full day (March 10) of performances and a summit led by youths and young adults.
  • A partnership with the Kennedy Center to promote performances honoring Leonard Bernstein during the Leonard Bernstein Centennial.

Festival Director Heidi Hawkins tells DC Theater Arts: “We are thrilled to host over 800 local performers who are presenting bold work that challenges perceptions and engages audiences.”

I asked Heidi what sets the INTERSECTIONS Festival apart from other DC arts festivals:

“We prioritize working artists in our community, and we are proud to say that 98.5% of the talent presented in the Intersections Festival are local working artists. We also take pride in offering opportunities to artists who are beginning their careers, as well as highly established artists. The tagline of our festival is ‘Where the Real World and the Art World Intersect’. We keep a finger on the pulse of the larger arts community, and seek to artistically connect to emergent themes.”

Check out the festival brochure for more information and performance details.




The Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival runs through March 11, 2018. Ticket prices range from free to $30. For more information and to purchase tickets, go online.


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